How's Your Decade Been?


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SFM, where did that go:?:

You still with same partner you entered the decade with? Me: No

Same home? No

Moved country? Only for a 6 months or so.

Someone else carry on the questions and add your answers...I've got shopping to do:p
SFM, where did that go:?:

You still with same partner you entered the decade with? Me: No

Same home? No

Moved country? Only for a 6 months or so.

Someone else carry on the questions and add your answers...I've got shopping to do:p

1- No
2- No
2- Yes.....well have moved from Manchester to London so thats debatable:?:

Can I add losses/gains:

Losses : Mother to cancer, brother to Australia.
Gains : a wife, a daughter.

Lowpoint of the decade : obvious really
Highlight of the decade: becoming a dad for the first time, closely followed by getting married.
Same partner
Moved home once...
...which also involved moving country

Biggest loss: youth, $10k in the 2001 stock market crash
Biggest gain: wisdom
Lowpoint: Bailing my parents out in '06
Highpoint: Discovering Ibiza

10 years ago I was getting ready to go to London for a week for NYE. We stayed at an apartment rental on Edgeware Rd just up from Marble Arch. 6 of our expat friends (one British, 3 American, 2 Kazakhstani) as well as my brother in law and his girlfriend all ended up in town at the same time, through no particular design. Th bunch of us ended up sitting down by the river across from Big Ben for the fireworks and the river-of-fire-that-never-was, drinking beer and vodka in the drizzling rain. :confused: I think my brother in law was smarter... ended up at some party with Basement Jaxx if I'm not mistaken.

Amazing how long ago that feels and how much has happened since!
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Not quite the same partner. Jon was lucky enough to meet me in the summer of 2000 :p
Moved home
Left the country for 6 months but back again!

10 years ago I was 16 and spent my whole month's wages on a ticket to Millenium Village for the World Dance event (£108) which was a pile of poo! Huge warehouse (think it was Three Mills Island studios or something like that?) which was probably only 30% full and freezing cold! What a flop! But I still had a great time! :D
You still with same partner you entered the decade with? Me: I entered the decade single.

Same home? No, moved 4 times since 1-1-2000

Moved country? not in a geographical sense

Losses : the biggest lost of my life was few years ago

Gains : the biggest lost of my life was also the biggest gain in my life if that makes sense. A cat. Few decisive friends. A brit family ;)
You still with same partner you entered the decade with?: No

Same home?: No

Moved country? : No (but I got married in india :lol:)

Losses: A friend or two, and
some morals

Gains: A wife, a little girl, and
another little girl due to
arrive on the 25th - two
cats, and a tortoise from
morrocco (RIP):lol:

everything else is just

Wish you could turn back the clock: No!! I've enjoyed the ride
SFM? (new acronym?)

Partner of almost five years (eek)

Same home - no, now living with aforementioned partner (double eek)

Employment situation - happier than I've ever been. Not raking it in but working with great people and choosing my hours at will. Going freelance is the best decision I ever made.
Am also retraining in all sorts of stuff and planning a life of self employment.

However - it's been a toughie getting here. I've had a really rough ride including a management takeover and near miss with a constructive dismissal case. Gained lots of stress lines during this period and am approaching silver foxdom. Must get a hair cut before I start looking like a cross between Philip Schofield and Kilroy. :lol:

Other stuff:

VERY mundane decade when put next to the 60s-90s. What was the defining moment exactly? Simon Cowell? Gurning celebrities? Reality TV? Web 2.0? (yawn)

The naughties = calm before the storm. The next decade is going to coincide with total financial collapse, fallen empires and climate chaos. Bring on the spirit of anarchy. 8)
Partner - christ no, had a few before finding the wife 5 years ago

Same home - nope, had about 8 addresses in Wirral, Liverpool and Manchester. Been in the latter for 8 years now.

Employment situation - as good as I had hoped for. I know a lot more about my strengths and weaknesses. Realised, that like hip hop I dont want to fight the man. I want to be the man. And i can't help the way I feel. Having wasted my teens as a levellers fan this self knowledge has made me a lot more focused and happy.

Gained - a wife, a mortgage - although one of my wisest moves was chucking money at it & I will own my house by 40 at this rate. A Nephew! Lots of good friends. Self awareness. A European cup. Broadened horizons, have been to Africa, America and India amongst other places. An increased salary, independance.

Lost - Some bad friends, a good friend died, grandparents. Real interest in the sources of music. I just like a good tune. Towards the end of the decade a constant worry about money.

Best decade of my life to date. Easily.
Same partner - yes, got married in 2006.
Same house - no
Not lived in another town let alone country :oops:
Changed jobs once.

Gains: A husband, a lovely dog called Geezer, some really good friends and a bit of weight!

No losses that I can think of so I suppose I'm lucky in that respect.

Perferred the 90's if I'm honest!
Same partner: Yep, like Sil, I was single in 2000 and single now. Had some fun with a few Mr Wrongs along the way.:lol:

Same home: No, I've spent a year and a half living in Barcelona which has been a fantastic experience and doubt I'll ever find a city that is better to live in. Will be starting the new decade back in London saving money to do more travelling in South America, so 2010 should be an adventure. :D

Gained: new friends and new experiences...I don't own much that can't fit into a suitcase slightly abusing Easyjet's weight limit.
Same partner - yes

Same home - no, had 3 places in London since I moved down here

Same country - yes, unless you class 6 months travelling around SE Asia this year

Lowlight - losing my Gran last year, apart from that have been blessed by the good luck fairy in recent years

Highlights - getting married, getting our doggies, going travelling

Definitely the best decade of my life so far - although very excited about what the next decade will bring and lots of changes in our life - another 6 months travelling in 2011, then moving away from London and down to Brighton
Same partner - Nope, had quite a few serious relationships since the age of my best one yet :lol:

Same home - Yes but hope to be moving in the beginning of the New Year - finally growing up and getting on the property ladder :eek::lol:

Same country - Yes

Lowlight - Without sounding cheesy not had a lot of too much bad luck, more bad annoyances mostly with work situations......but plodding along nicely! (touching wood as I write this)

Highlights - Meeting some amazing people, having some amazing holidays and having great memories of being a "teen-early 20s"
Hey you!
That's news.... where to this time?
and how could you leave leafy Ealing!!??

Hello you :lol:

Plans are in development but looking like Borneo (to climb up Mount Kinabalu :eek: (hence me stopping smoking :lol:)), some more of Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and The Phillipines.

I've realised I quite like the working 6 month/holidaying 6 month a year lifestyle :lol:
Plans are in development but looking like Borneo (to climb up Mount Kinabalu :eek: (hence me stopping smoking :lol:)), some more of Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and The Phillipines.
That sounds great!
But no Japan/Korea/China? Just to finish off your Asian options :lol:
I do wish I could take a sabbatical :!:
In fairness I feel like I spent the first half of the decade in a bit of a wilderness catching up with myself and 'putting right what once went wrong' (as they say in Quantum Leap)... So I look back at myself at the turn of the century with immense fondness as I'd never then imagined how things have turned themselves around. If I was with the same woman (urgh!), in the same house (technically the en suite in Brighton, but for the sake of arguement...), had all the hangups I had and all the other things I was into at the time I wouldn't nearly be answering this thread with such relish :D

Though since more than made up for lost time, developed an army of friends that I genuinely feel sorry for those without; became Uncle to the most beautiful, cute, genius, darling Neice, and with the recent purchase of The Flat that I thought was genuinely originally beyond my wildest dreams when I first viewed it, it's sealed this decade as smashing the back doors in of the other two for fun and memories and progression into making me what I am today! :lol:

Regrets I've had a few etc, some of the heart, some of the brain, one of a stubborn mate which I fell out with in bizarre circumstances that all felt like armageddon at the time, but at the end of the day they're all massive adventures that will warrant a chapter in the memoirs and as yet haven't killed me 8)

So after having far too much fun with a view to making the most of my youth in the last 10 years I hope to continue in that spirit and maybe now incorporate a touch of responsibility into my diet 8) Cheers! :lol: