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Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by McRackin, May 26, 2017.

  1. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Thanks, I'm leaning towards El Hotel as I like the area and the Junior Suite looks right up his street! It includes free entrance to Pacha, doesn't it? Is it just standard entrance and can he invite friends too?

    What is the pool at El Hotel like and is it adults-only in the hotel?

    I thought of Corso too but it also looks fully booked.
  2. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    it includes standard entrance to pacha from what I know...not sure about bringing friends, I would tend to think not.

    pool isn't big but it's nice. also not 100% sure if it is adults-only. I actually never stayed in there!
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  3. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Thanks, I think it's perfect for him then.
  4. freakstar

    freakstar Active Member

    Stayed there again last year. You can technically have 3 people in the room and if i recall the price was the same as single use - all 3 would gain access to Pacha (actually on some nights the cost of 3 tickets is about the same as a room with breakfast so a really good option to cross over the road after a night out, have breakfast and then a quick snooze avoiding the hassle of taxis etc after Pacha closes). The rooms are nice but no particular view from the balcony if i recall. Pool small but very quiet and not extensively used. Breakfast is included (table service - made to order) and restaurant is excellent.

    I actually stayed at Nautico Ebeso for a night also and although the location is excellent, the hotel itself is dated, poor sound insulation, bedding sub-standard and terrible ac. (a bit of a shock after el pacha). Its more of a hostel (at a 4 star price) than a boutique option in my view.
  5. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Thanks. El Hotel seems to do a really good single occupancy deal so that should be perfect. Is it ok to bring friends into the hotel for a drink? I know some places around PDB have a guard on the door to stop that, even during the day.

    I stayed at Nautico Ebeso years ago (2007) and saw it had been refurbished since and thought it looked much nicer but interesting to hear that the soundproofing is poor and the bed not comfortable.

    I think El Hotel is the one then!
  6. freakstar

    freakstar Active Member

    Yea no problem, I had 3 girls back one morning for a few drinks and it was no issue at all.
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  7. Baraca88

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  8. cyberloon

    cyberloon Active Member

    Figuretas is a good area to stay as easy to get to other places. You can walk to Ibiza town or PdB. Ebesu is nice and chilled and has a small pool, i've stayed there a couple of times on my own and it was perfect for what I wanted. Up the top of figuretas is hotel Cenit with a really nice pool area and great views. Great friendly staff, especially the bar staff.
  9. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Thanks, I usually stay in Figueretas myself but the place I was going to recommend for him (Es Vive) is fully booked.

    I've always wondered about the Cenit and the rooftop pool looks amazing although I wasn't sure what the rooms would be like and had heard it can get a bit wild!
  10. cyberloon

    cyberloon Active Member

    I stayed in a single room but was'nt fussed as was only there for two nights. It's got a backpackers kind of vibe to it but it is a proper hotel. I was impressed. A big walk up the steps after a long day in PdB though!! Really nice bar either side of the road. Pool is across the road from the main hotel part, but is a less than 1min walk.
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  11. Sez

    Sez Active Member

    You could try what was part of/next door Mar Y Playa. Can't remember the name but it was renovated 2016 I think, roof top pool I think or at least a roof top bar, right on the main prom. Not stayed myself but it looks nice.
  12. Nono

    Nono Active Member

    We`ve been to El Hotel the last years and we have enjoyed it, but my wife think it is too expensive (and you have no view to the sea). Yes, you have free entrance to Pacha club and Destino and I think I have read to Lio parties too. As far as I know the free entrance is just for the hotel guests (you have to show your passsport and they check it on their list of hotel guests). I don`t know whether it is an adult only hotel, but I`ve never seen children in the hotel. A cheaper alternative is Argos
    (backside of Corso)
    or Simbad in the Talamanca bay.
  13. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    I thought Simbad was a hidden gem when I stayed there in 2007 - great views and very quiet (even with the nearby brothel!). Although we did spend a lot more on taxis that year as it's that bit further away.

    Es Vive now have availability so thinking that might be the better options as I love the roof terrace and the pool area is nicer than El Hotel. Although the rooms aren't the biggest, for one person it's less of an issue. Interested to hear how the new management is working out. Will Messi be there too?!
  14. Fergi

    Fergi Active Member

    We stayed in el hotel last year.

    We did half board. They kindly changed the free entry to another night as my wife got sick unfortunately after being bitten in the pool.lots of mosquitos as

    Evening Food was very salty but the breakfast was excellent.

    There was children in the hotel but they were very well behaved.

    Overall very expensive for what you get.
  15. McRackin

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  16. McRackin

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  17. jimmiz

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  18. McRackin

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  19. McRackin

    McRackin Moderator

    can you guess the name of this hotel?

  20. Don Simon

    Don Simon Well-Known Member

    Yes, used to be El Coto…

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