Have switched to San An this year...

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  1. i'm starting to feel like we need to rethink our hotel for october (we are there 11-15th), we stayed in San An the last week of march and had an absolute blast, we aren't there for the clubs etc... just some decent bars and seeing that sunset each night was glorious! We booked PDB (all inclusive at the new algarb) for october but now i feel like our heart is actually back in San An with the sunsets!!! aargghhh decisions decisions!!! Maybe need to check out any decent all inclusive options in San An!
  2. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka Well-Known Member

    There's always Blackpool... or you could move closer to Figueretas/Ibiza Town so as you actually feel like you've been to Spain for your hols. :p
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  3. lee111s

    lee111s Well-Known Member

    Stop telling people this! :D
  4. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka Well-Known Member

    Someone needs to counter the lunacy.
  5. ibizainside

    ibizainside Active Member

    The sunrises in PDB are just as nice!
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  6. johndiamond

    johndiamond Active Member

    i imagine playa den bossa will be pretty quiet third week in october.

    we stayed there 6 october 2016 and it was dead. watched the steak n fries place being boarded up.
  7. think we will switch over to san an, we really enjoyed it when we went in march, it was easter week and everywhere was just starting to open up for the summer, had a nice vibe about it!
  8. ibizainside

    ibizainside Active Member

    PDB is a ghost town after the closing parties, its kinda spooky! We decided to stay 3 days after the Space closing to chillout a few years ago, and it was mega quiet, most places shut
  9. Hally

    Hally Active Member

    By mid-October the best atmosphere on the evening was in La Sirena

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  10. we've swapped to San An now!
  11. Carl-UK

    Carl-UK Member

    Can anyone recommend their top 3 list of restaurants in San-An?
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  12. Life of Rye

    Life of Rye Active Member

    David's if you like Italian

    I always use Vanecia right next to WIPS for a fry up

    I am not fussy though to be honest I am easy going. Food doesn't quite taste right when I am out there for certain reasons if you know what I mean
  13. Dirk Bigler

    Dirk Bigler Well-Known Member

    1/ Tapas
    2/ Ritas Cantina
    3/ El Rincon De Pepe

    + Skinny Kitchen (for Burgers!)
    + Tijuana Tex Mex
  14. Padster

    Padster Active Member

    Villa Mercedes
    The Chinese restaurant at the bottom of the West End to your left with the wooden terrace at the front (the one's on the front are okay, but in all truth that's all they are).
    El Rincon de Pepe

    I also agree with:
    David's for Italian (and great value too!)
    and Tijuana Tex Mex

    It's also worth getting a taxi and heading to Sa Soca (just outside of town on the left-hand side of the San Jose Road).
    Awesome food, great staff and superb views of Benimussa out the back if you go before sunset
  15. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    En rebost de can prat
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  16. carl288

    carl288 Member

    We had a steak at Kasbah the night before last, would definitely recommend there.
  17. perrylgooner

    perrylgooner Active Member

    Skinny Kitchen for breakfast too - I hate to admit it but the food is great!
  18. Aaron_2014

    Aaron_2014 Member

    Fatso's British Cafe - Open 10am - 11pm
    Great value and they give very large portions.
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  19. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

  20. Helped take the edge off many a hangover last time I was there!

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