Getting into Ibiza clubs - age and dress requirements


Will be my first time at Pacha this year. Am I alright in stuff I'd usually wear to other clubs i.e trainers, vest and shorts?


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no vest, but vest under tshirt ;) once inside feel free to take of ur tshirt if too hot
it worked perfectly , the only place im comfy to show up in vest are dc10 amnesia, sankeys BMI,ushuaia, other places same trick, tank top under tshirt :cool: and pirate hat in hands in order not to offend staff :rolleyes:

ushuaia no beachbag since last year :mad: How can i collect the elrow inflatables/hats now?:D No more free gifts to kids :cry: if elrow ushuaia is along my stay
ill hide a little bag as i like to bring one glass with logo of the party as souvenir :p, dont do it at ocb as they check ur back when leavin :confused: (i didnt as i had enough from past years :lol:)
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1. are sports shoes allowed in the big clubs?
2. I'm assuming a vest is a singlet. Are singlets allowed in Hi Ibiza and Ushuaia? and the other big clubs?


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Hi guys,

Heading to Ibiza early August and we'll be going with my GF's 16yo and his mate. It's been a long time since I've been that kind of age, but I don't recall the bouncers at Ibiza clubs ever checking people's IDs when I've been in the past. How strict are they these days on age limits in the major clubs?


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if they look young they will check for ID and if they do they will not get in


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Sounds conclusive! Have they tightened up their act or has it always been like that?
I can only relate to the past 15 years (because that is when I started coming to the island) but regarding minimum age they have always been pretty tight, I truly don't think much has changed.

also have to say as the average age in the clubs is much higher than elswhere I genuinely don't think it is very enjoyable for people below 20. that is my personal view only though.


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If they are with you and there is just two of them, you stand a better chance than a group of 16 year olds on their own. But as in the UK its always a gamble and nothing worse than getting turned away and having to get a taxi home.

Went to see Kygo at Ushuaia last year and it was a very young crowd though, but again most were with parents so I think they are a bit more lax in that situation.

I do also agree with Stivi that in the 6 years ive been the average age has crept up, mainly due to the cost and poor income back home for under 25’s these days.

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Thanks guys. They'll be with us and we'll probably only take them out once. With reagrds Fake IDs, does anyone know if they scan the IDs like they sometimes do in the UK, or just take a look at them?