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My friend who works in Canary Wharf has just been given two days off work due to the expected violent protests next week in aid of the G20 Summit.
We've just been sent an email around our office warning us to be extra viligent and avoid the area if possible. Warnings of transport disruptions also to be expected.

Why can't these crusty's just demonstrate in peace? It seems some of them use any excuse to act violently and damage property.

Is this a protest against capitalism or just a bunch of hooligans jumping on the bandwagon?

Where's Robder :twisted:
I have had the same email more then once saying to avoid Bank area, dress in plain clothes so they wont think you are a banker....I cant see it affecting where I am but my dad works in the next road along and he said he saw them stride through marching in protest.
*dons serious hat for a moment*

personally think the demos are a total waste of time. International capitalism has taken a hit but the system will carry on regardless until someone can think up a better alternative and nobody has yet thought up an alternative.. :confused: a lot of kids making a noise on the street will change and influence nothing...
I think I will have forgotten about it by next week just because there is no way my work would let us have time off :spank:
if any soap-dodger so much as looks at me funny next week he's getting decked........call it a preemtive strike ;)
what makes me laugh is that the whole capitalist system pays for their lifestyle.

what do they expect the world to do? trade in eggs and root vegetables?

**** off and have a wash.
Same as the Stansted mob who tied themselves to the runway.

As if they don't fly off for a nice fancy holiday every year.

Cold water + hose = move on.
Hello! :lol:

Yeah - it's a bunch of hooligans jumping on the bandwagon, sadly.

I don't like capitalism (to put it very mildly) but can't suggest an alternative so any floppy haired Tory tw@t could wipe the floor with me in a second. :confused:

Supporters of the G-20 meltdown are being heavily criticised for their, "WHAT DO WE WANT?..." (errr what do we want?) approach.

It's not like anybody wants communism - but you can't blame folks for being cross...it's just this frustrated, misdirected anger that's going to achieve nowt. I'm expecting riots into the night - thank God I can walk home fairly easily.

...but having said that, is it the lesser of two evils to voice your opinion on the failings (crimes?) of capitalism rather than sit on your arse and do nothing and let these greedy bastards repeat the cycle again and again because they can?
OK, like capitalism or not, what does harassing the leaders of these 20 nations achieve? Most of them are busy right now trying to clean up the excesses of the past 20 years! We should be demonstrating in support of them... I think we all certainly hope they succeed.

For the record, I like capitalism. I like the idea that a guy with a good idea or someone who works hard, or even someone with a bit of luck, can achieve success and make a better life for themselves. Surely, the flip side is that there will be people who make it on the back of birth, connections or exploitation, but I don't mind that so much if everyone has opportunity. And, of course, there should be checks & balances in the system... it must be win-win for the working class as well as the entrepreneurial class.

Oh, this could turn into an interesting debate, but I digress.

I say send out the riot police with their batons and paddywagons and let them have a go :twisted:
I can't be arsed to debate Morbs - it's Friday night and I have a nasty bout of man flu! :lol: :cry::cry::cry:

Differing opinions are all part of life's rich tapestry - the real challenge isn't just voicing them, it's more doing it for altruistic non ego driven purposes (i.e. without anger) - something of which we won't see any of on Wednesday. :lol:

In response to what you said, why does 'better life' have to equate to a competition in earning more money than everyone else? Surely that's the wrong use of a skill set? Indigenous cultures never lived in this way and they survived for 1000s of years! In fact they didn't even understand the concept of ownership. :confused:

We don't own anything! The land owns us and will be here long after we pop our clogs.

...hence why we should work towards sustaining it and each other rather than outdoing it and each other. ;)


You have much to learn, young Robder.


Indigenous cultures surely flourished for eons... but they didn't have toys. I like my toys.. and not having to hunt & gather :lol:

Got some of that man flu myself... although I'm still debating a late night foray into the wilds of Moskva.
Warnings of transport disruptions also to be expected.

Is this a protest against capitalism or just a bunch of hooligans jumping on the bandwagon?
I'm working in London on Wednesday, I'm not normally based there, do you think there will be disruptions across the city in terms of transport or just in the immediate area? Most of the protestors are just jumping on the band wagon and probably don't even know what the protest is supposed to be about, bunch of sheep!