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I've visited Ibiza 7 times on holiday since 2011 so I know the island pretty well and have my sights set on doing my first season this year...

However I only have office/finance experience so wondered how I'd do finding work out there? (Bar work/Waitress) Is it worth emailing bars/restaurants now?

Also, any advice on finding accommodation would be welcomed as well! Is it as easy as landing and going to The Ship Inn searching adverts?

Also if you're planning on doing the season this year and trying to meet new people before you go, or looking to find someone to share accommodation with then feel free to message me :)

Thanks xx
the easiest way is booking a cheap hostel for a week or 10 nights for when you arrive in may. during that period most people can get both work and accommodation sorted.
Hi chanel!

I'm in a similar boat I guess, coming out for my first season this year. I've only been once but completely fell in love with the place, so I definitely don't know the island as well as you!

I've done what stivi recommended and got a flight out and a week in a hostel. Hopefully I'll find somewhere to stay in that time! I'm going out in mid April, so hopefully there'll be some work around within a month or so. I don't know anyone else going so a bit nervous!!

I've been working in a nightclub in London for a couple of years so hoping to find bar work. Spoken to one guy who went a few years ago and he said work isnt too hard to come by with or without experience though.

Would be happy to keep in touch about accommodation!!

Take care and good luck with your preparations! xx
work should be fairly easy, loads of recruitment days etc in May. join all the "2018 ibiza workers" facebook/whatsapp groups etc too, will be full of posts in a month or so especially. a lot of ads in there already regarding accommodation. i'm in them all for the season too, can drop me a message if you're stuck
Hey Chanel,

Me and my group are definitely looking to meet some fun partiers to hang out with while we’re there in June. Definitely let me know if you or anyone else fun will be around during that month :)

Work is as easy as walking into a place and asking for a job. Talking to PR teams and asking for a job. There’s heaps of recruitment days etc, but these are only really useful for the superclubs and getting jobs there are pretty hard to land, especially if you only speak one language. Ibiza really is a who you know island, I’ve found, so just use the contacts you’ll have made during your 7 trips. :)
Hello everybody,

I am looking for a hospitality job as I have worked it in the past. I know its past Summer season but I am hoping it is still easy to find a job with all the clubs and nightlife.