1. Chanelantonia

    First season in Ibiza tips - How easy is it to find work?

    I've visited Ibiza 7 times on holiday since 2011 so I know the island pretty well and have my sights set on doing my first season this year... However I only have office/finance experience so wondered how I'd do finding work out there? (Bar work/Waitress) Is it worth emailing bars/restaurants...
  2. Lumpy.Monkey

    B.for Ibiza Restaurant (above Amnesia)

    Anyone know if Amnesia's sushi restaurant "B.for Ibiza" is still open? Their web site is down - I'm not sure how clever it'd be to eat raw seafood before a night at Amnesia but hey !!!
  3. Lumpy.Monkey

    Where to eat before Eden ?

    Heading to Defected @ Eden on Sun 17 Sep. We're travelling up from Figueretas so would like to eat in SanAn for a change beforehand. Need good quality food & good music. We'd planned on skipping sunset so arriving maybe 22:30-23:00 I'm thinking Café Mambo? Any other suggestions from the...
  4. Lady Gunn

    Pacha restaurant menu??

    its my husbands birthday in early March & we are planning a long weekend on the island. I had thought that dinner at Pasha might be suitably special (have not been before).....table duly booked, but when asked if they could let me have a sample menu, I was advised that they are "not allowed" to...
  5. zaax

    venue sign

    For those who don't know what the R, B etc found outside some restaurantc etc R = Restaurant B = Bar C = Cafeteria BC = Bar-Cafeteria H = Hotel None of the above in a place that is working like a bar, cafeteria or restautant = illegal bussines.