1. cdlnibiza

    Sales Promoter CDLN IS HIRING

    CDLN offers various jobs in Ibiza 2019 - also positions, which include a fix payment and an accommodation provided. We are primarily looking for sales promoters, but also offer internships and combined jobs* in the following areas: Direct Sales / Marketing & Promotion Photo & Videography Bar /...
  2. Grace Keen

    Wanting to work in Ibiza for a month

    am I to late? I only just decided this is what I want to do. Any advice/help on how I go about this would be great Also best companies to use? Or am I best just to go solo... get flights and accommodation then find my own job?
  3. Chanelantonia

    First season in Ibiza tips - How easy is it to find work?

    I've visited Ibiza 7 times on holiday since 2011 so I know the island pretty well and have my sights set on doing my first season this year... However I only have office/finance experience so wondered how I'd do finding work out there? (Bar work/Waitress) Is it worth emailing bars/restaurants...
  4. ibizamemories

    Professional dancers - a question:

    If you dance professionally for a living in the major nightclubs (as in, not strippers), are you affiliated with one club or one regular event for a whole season or do you get work from night to night wherever you are offered. Put another way, could you work at Amnesia, Pacha and Space in a...