1. T

    Anthony Joshua/Ruiz fight

    Hi, does anyone know if this fight will be shown anywhere in Ibiza town this weekend? Many thanks!
  2. Joe Loder

    Best Bar/ Pub on the island that shows football?

    Will be heading back to the island in late June for a nice long trip with close friends, but whilst we are there England are playing in the wolrd cup vs Belgium and I think it would be great to find a bar/ pub that me and my chums could go and watch the game! Has anyone got any suggestions for a...
  3. Chanelantonia

    First season in Ibiza tips - How easy is it to find work?

    I've visited Ibiza 7 times on holiday since 2011 so I know the island pretty well and have my sights set on doing my first season this year... However I only have office/finance experience so wondered how I'd do finding work out there? (Bar work/Waitress) Is it worth emailing bars/restaurants...
  4. BakedBeans83

    Looking for a late dance bar (Sunday night/Mon morning) in Ibiza town please

    Hi, arrive super early hours Monday morning (1am ish) end of June so want to scrape a couple of bars in Ibiza town close to our digs in Marina Botafoch - where is the best deal for those in-the-know with good music and atmosphere? Initially thought of Tira Palla (too quiet music-wise?) and...
  5. zaax

    venue sign

    For those who don't know what the R, B etc found outside some restaurantc etc R = Restaurant B = Bar C = Cafeteria BC = Bar-Cafeteria H = Hotel None of the above in a place that is working like a bar, cafeteria or restautant = illegal bussines.