1. wheresthe_lambsauce

    American's First Time Going (Solo, Too!)

    Hi all. Like the title says, I (27M) am planning a solo trip to Ibiza for later this year in anticipation that a) America gets its vaccination logistics worked out and b) Spain will allow American tourists, unrestricted. If that does not end up being the case, well, f***, I will save your...
  2. T

    Anthony Joshua/Ruiz fight

    Hi, does anyone know if this fight will be shown anywhere in Ibiza town this weekend? Many thanks!
  3. Joe Loder

    Best Bar/ Pub on the island that shows football?

    Will be heading back to the island in late June for a nice long trip with close friends, but whilst we are there England are playing in the wolrd cup vs Belgium and I think it would be great to find a bar/ pub that me and my chums could go and watch the game! Has anyone got any suggestions for a...
  4. Chanelantonia

    First season in Ibiza tips - How easy is it to find work?

    I've visited Ibiza 7 times on holiday since 2011 so I know the island pretty well and have my sights set on doing my first season this year... However I only have office/finance experience so wondered how I'd do finding work out there? (Bar work/Waitress) Is it worth emailing bars/restaurants...
  5. BakedBeans83

    Looking for a late dance bar (Sunday night/Mon morning) in Ibiza town please

    Hi, arrive super early hours Monday morning (1am ish) end of June so want to scrape a couple of bars in Ibiza town close to our digs in Marina Botafoch - where is the best deal for those in-the-know with good music and atmosphere? Initially thought of Tira Palla (too quiet music-wise?) and...
  6. zaax

    venue sign

    For those who don't know what the R, B etc found outside some restaurantc etc R = Restaurant B = Bar C = Cafeteria BC = Bar-Cafeteria H = Hotel None of the above in a place that is working like a bar, cafeteria or restautant = illegal bussines.