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    I just spent the weekend at the WCD Pool Sessions in Frankfurt, which is now in it's fourth year (I think ) and just gets better and better. The World Club Dome itself is a massive EDM event in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, which is great is you're into David Guetta and Steve Aoki, but if you've got a modicum of taste and decency then the sister "Pool Sessions" is the place to be. This is held beside the main area at an open air pool complex and forest area and is much more techno focused. The line up was superb, Boris Brejcha, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ben Klock, Charlotte de Witte, to name a few, as well as Frankfurt's own Papa Sven of course. My mate came over for it and made a video diary of the weekend, I'm afraid he's taken a few liberties with the music dubbing, but hopefully it gets across what a great event it was. If you've never been to Germany I highly recommend it - amazing weekend!
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    Every mix I've heard from Fusion 2018 has been brilliant...
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    this, and nation of gondwana, are the two european festivals I would really love to do one day.

    on a global level, burning man and universo parallelo are the ones I‘ve got on my bucket list
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    Some friends are at Worldwide Festival in Sete atm, having an absolute blast by all accounts! I'm truly devastated at not being able to get the time of work for this one!
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    i went to WW many years back. I posted about it on here before I think. just the loveliest vibe

    was a real mix of jazz, broken beat and funk in the daytime before the caners took over - not sure what it's like now

    GP posted this clip earlier - top stuff
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    Yeah I've been watching all of GP's posts with the odd tear shed! toshiomatsuura last night looked pretty magical.

    Big on the radar for next year perhaps!
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    Open your ears..
    Fusion Festival 2018 by JedenTagEinSet #np on #SoundCloud
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    You need to change your bucket list for Germany right now... :)
    Replace Fusion with Feel Festival! Same people, same awesome feeling, comparable lineup with a lot of suprise acts but located on a lake with a great beach... best beach party you can find in Germany. Just watch some videos and you will see what I mean.
    Another pro you can easily get those tickets for Feel. While you need some luck to get your Fusion tickets.
    But do it right... come on Thursday stay until Tuesday... -> This counts for Fusion as well.
    Don't bring nothing, all you need will be allready there.
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    ^ Convenanza 2019 details out at some point this week

    swerving all the summer festies though (unless I hear of any lowkey boutique numbers going on in the Pyrenees)
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    Just stumbled upon this reply. Very helpful because I'll be going to WCD in June this year. Thanks!
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    This looks good!

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