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    If you are the "burning man" type of person, I can recommend Fusion Festival in Northern Germany.
    Will happen again End of May 2018.
    They do not release the lineup, they do not do any advertising and still the 60.000 tickets sell out in no time.
    You will need to register upfront (somewhere end of 2017) to take part in the lucky draw to get a ticket.

    Short facts: about 10 floors / Mostly deep house, techno and goa & psy / completely vegan / 4 days non-stop music / circus elements and shows / DJs mostly from northern Germany like Monika Kruse, Solomun, Kollektive Turmstrasse, Einmusik...
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    I didn't read most of the article. But the type of each festival alone has given me a chuckle.
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    don't bother, Angus Harrison is a poor man's Clive Martin

    some valid observations though
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    there seem to be new festivals around Europe springing up all the time. this one is in Albania

    I used to go "oh, wow" and now go "oh, right" which says it all really...
  8. stivi

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    ...and so we are! all booked. can't wait.

    anyone else going this year?
  9. Moha

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    Might go up for modernity. Not a big fan of the night session.
    Give me a shout when around.
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  10. stivi

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    will certainly do. we generally also prefer the daytime sessions, but friday night also looks good I have to say!
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    How does the format work at Caprices, i.e. what hours does the daytime part run and likewise with the night time? Looks very good indeed and as mentioned above its the daytime sessions that stick out for me!! I assume day and nights are in 2 different venues from the pictures?

    Considering this for next year as already going Sunwaves at the end of April.
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    Yep - after last year definitely didn't want to miss out this year!
  14. kfir m

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    I'm don't usually pay attention to posters and promotions, but his are just always so great.
    I wish they sold these online.
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    This is happening pretty close to me..
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    Our little is running a one dayer in the race course 5 minutes from my house.
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    David August *LIVE* and Hercules love affair and to.this...
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    Has anyone ever been to Higher Vision Festival in Ireland?

    Line-up looks fairly decent and my mate is up for it. Just wondered if there were any reviews?

  20. DCAmbrose

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    Last year was the first year of it and was a pretty good debut by all accounts. They have definitely beefed up the line up this year. Should go if you get the chance.
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