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wow Dingo €150 a gram?? that's kind of pricey don't you think mate, was paying €80 of my guy and it was good gear
Fore sure it is ridiculous price, I was given option of 3 grade types, thought the most expensive would be really good but was other way round :mad:


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Even if these guys hand over it for double the price but the quality is ace, people gonna buy it happily.
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Is it something that is normally cut in with coke?

Very naively used to stack it with caffeine years ago to strip weight off when I boxed.

Fu cked up sleep and overheating like a motherf ucker were some nice side effects. Fainted one morning, had literally sweated myself dry just walking to the shop in my tracksuit.

Can’t imagine it’s much fun, or safe, to be bopping around in a nightclub on it.

Plus side though, come back from your holiday ripped.