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And the last one...

Slim & Whylan aka Cachorros already opened for Los Zigarros last summer. This time they played on electric instead of acoustic, with the addition of a drummer. The Barcelona duo formed by Alex Slim (bassist of the Guns N'Roses tribute band Attitude For Destruction) and Genís Whylan (the hats man!) spends the summer on the island playing sneaky gigs here and there. Their set was again based on covers that went from Johnny Cash to The Black Keys. They played almost the same than last year, although they had less time on stage, the only novelty being Robert Johnson's "I believe I'll dust my broom".

They'll be playing at Can Jordi this coming tuesday, where they'll have time for a longer repertoire. It will be their first time at the temple of blues after Genís' unannounced appearance at the end of june.

IMG_20210916_205501 - copia.jpg

In between the two concerts, the promoter Diego Calvo handed over a check to Ibiza Preservation's fundraising manager Vanda Mustur for 1.100€, which have been collected during this year's six dates. Much less than what was collected in 2019 for Save A Girl Save A Generation but in 2021 fewer people could attend to Santos due to the never ending restrictions...

The singer and keyboard player Johnny Cifuentes was one of the founding members of the legendary Burning, authors of one of the all time best live albums in spanish (Burning en directo - 1991). After a 45-year career, the influential rock band from Madrid embarked on a farewell tour in 2019. Last year he released a solo album as Johnny Burning called Hagámoslo. During the last two decades he became the only founding member alive in Burning and unsurprisingly there's no difference at all between their last albums and his first solo release. The classic sound of his old band, that remind us of New York Dolls, Mott The Hoople, etc, is still there. Actually, he's accompanied by two ex-members of Burning, Nico Álvarez on guitar and backing vocals and Maikol Slingluff on the saxo. Nico Roca on drums completed last night's band line-up, although he's usually backed by many more musicians.

He first played on the island back in 2014 at the disappeared El Sitio in San Antonio. With his inseparable sunglasses and his tremendous charisma, he won us over right from the start. Half of the set was dedicated to present his latest album, with songs like "Malas tierras", "Un duro invierno" or "El diablo en el hoyo" (with the beautiful line Petty and Lou aren't here, what will I do if I ever miss my Stones). The other half, to some of the many classics in his back catalogue, including "¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este?", "Esto es un atraco", "Mueve tus caderas", etc. Amazing stuff. Even if he played longer than other bands, there was still many tunes I'd have loved to hear but that's what happens with artists with such a long career.

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A perfect way to finish Dorado Live Shows, which is carrying on at the moment at Romeo's with the last The Love Motel party of the summer. Concept Hotel Group's cultural agenda continues with Cinerama, Sonorama goes to Ibiza, etc. Last but not least, Rock Nights' annual end of season knees up at Pikes takes place the second friday of october as usual.
Slim & Whylan setlist:
1 Lonely boy [The Black Keys]
2 Lightning bolt [Jake Bugg]
3 Radio [Rancid]
4 Folsom prison blues [Johnny Cash]
5 Mercy [Duffy]
6 Rock this town [Stray Cats]
7 Let the good times roll [Shirley and Lee]
8 I believe I'll dust my broom [Robert Johnson]

Johnny Burning setlist:
1 Se como vivir (no como morir)
2 Malas tierras
3 Cuando caiga la noche
4 Jim Dinamita [Burning]
5 Dolor [Burning]
6 Adicción
7 Alma negra
8 Como un huracán [Burning]
9 Un duro invierno
10 Bestia azul [Burning]
11 Hagámoslo
12 Es decisión [Burning]
13 El diablo en el hoyo
14 Águilas [Burning]
15 ¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este? [Burning]
16 Ginebra seca [Burning]
17 Esto es un atraco [Burning]
18 Mueve tus caderas [Burning]
19 Una noche sin ti [Burning]
Johnny Burning:

Grandes recuerdos de este fin de semana en Dorado Ibiza con mis hermanos NICO ALVAREZ Mike Slingluff y Nico Roca
Muchas gracias a Diego Calvo y toda la crew, que mantienen la llama que tanto necesitamos
Today at the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) in Madrid the Sant Josep council launched their new website Sant Josep és Música to promote live music. This is the video shown at the end of their presentation:

And this is Dorado Live Shows' page:

Unlike the other weeks' opening bands, Leilah Broukhim isn't based in Ibiza although she has played here many times before, especially at Las Dalias. She was born in New York but her love for flamenco dance brought her to Madrid, where she's been based since 2000.
Correction needed here: a little birdie informs she's actually based on the island since 2020... oops!
The Moonshine Band is one of the most well-known groups on the island. It consists of an irish (Sean Mackey), an american (the legend that is Dennis Herman, engineer at the Estudios Mediterráneo in San Lorenzo during the second half of the '80s), a spanish (Raúl Moya) and an uruguayan (Danilo Martinez Boerr with his super cool drum kit!).

The multinational band debuted in 2018 with
Everything's alright (recorded live at the bar Boulevard in San Antonio), followed by this year's EP So long Saint Pete. Last year they were also part of the Can Jordi Blues Station Vol. 1 compilation (where they brilliantly covered Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen), dedicated to the much-loved bar just off the Ibiza to San José road and where they've played so many times. They're celebrating their tenth anniversary at the moment (although they actually formed in 2009) with plenty of concerts, usually joined by other musician friends. No guests this time but still good craic. Among the finest moments I should mention old favourite "Island times", the newer "Welcome to paradise", traditional folk song "Paddy on the railway" (included in their latest EP) and the grand finale with "Fiesta" by The Pogues.

Some nice celtic and folk rock music to get us in the right mood for the astonishing concert we were about to witness.

Brothers Miguel Ángel and Josemán Escrivá lead Santero y los Muchachos, now with the addition of their younger brother Javier. Soni Artal and Pau García-Serra complete the list of members. The band from Valencia made a great impression when they debuted on the island in 2018 at the Sueños de Libertad festival. I don't remember seeing a double bass in the center of that stage before but this week's main act is not your regular band. Inspired by many '50s, '60s and '70s bands, they describe themselves as laid-back rock despite their lively stage shows.

Their discography consists of
Ventura (2017), Rioflorido (2019), the single "Tu sombra al sol" (2020) and the brand new Cantina, which came out three weeks ago. From the new one they only played the first single "¿Qué voy a hacer?" (dedicated to Rock Nights resident dj Lola Von Dage, who was celebrating her birthday) and "Carretera de El Saler" (played live for the very first time). Highlights included their collaboration with Leiva "Aún" (this time with Jordi Cardona from Quin Delibat as special guest), "He de olvidarte" (a reworked version of a song written in 1965 by their dad José Escrivá, member of the '60s spanish combo Los Top-Son) and "Amigo infiel" (with Roberto El Gato from valencian band Los Vicentes on the mic).

Fans and friends from their homeland came over to see them so the evening could not have been more festive. Favourite Dorado Live Shows gig of the season so far.

The singer Miles Kane, who's on holiday in Ibiza and staying at Romeo's Motel & Diner, was in attendance and having a ball. Talking of Romeo's, the first The Love Motel party of the season is happening right now and it will include a dj set by Santero y los Muchachos later this afternoon.

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