> Dorado Live Shows @ Santos 2021

Second time for Quin Delibat at the Santos stage. This time the band fronted by the one and only Jordi Cardona (known as Sr Cardona when he DJs) performed as a trio instead of a sextet.

Alongside the addition of a sixth member, since
their show in 2019 the band has been working on their upcoming fourth release with the producer Omar Gisbert (funnily enough, long-time sound tech at Dorado Live Shows). Last month they published the advance single "Solstici", which of course we heard yesterday along with another three new songs: "Turisme de records" (which gives name to the album), "Hawaii" and "I encara en vols més?". The rest of the set included songs like "Com és que balles tan bé?", "Ara o mai", "Hem de parlar", "Melodrama", etc.

Even as a three piece, the most popular catalan-singing band on the island is always entertaining.

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After resident dj Colin Peters played "Heroes" by David Bowie, it was time to welcome the star of the evening. Mikel Erentxun was the singer of Duncan Dhu, one of Spain's biggest '80s bands, and also developed since 1992 a solo career where he even experimented with electronic sounds in the late '90s, although he quickly returned to the classic rock sound of the band that made him famous. Most importantly, he's still relevant today and known among young music lovers. As an example of it, to celebrate 35 years on the road, in september he'll publish
Amigos de guardia, a duets album featuring la crème de la crème of the Spanish indie pop scene. Guests will include Quique Gonzalez, Amaral, Xoel Lopez, Bunbury, Leiva, Zahara, the great Maika Makovski, Coque Malla, Iván Ferreiro, Santi Balmes (Love of Lesbian), Marc Ros (Sidonie), Amaia, Ángel Stanich, Abraham Boba (León Benavente) and Rafa Val & Alberto Cantúa (Viva Suecia) among others. What all these names have in common? All of them have played in Ibiza!

With Duncan Dhu the artist from Donosti played many times on the island between 1985 and 2016. With his solo band, only once in 2004. This time it was the most intimate of them all, because it was him alone with his guitar and because of the unique setting of the hotel. He even mentioned how beautiful it was to play next to the beach with the (almost full) moon reflecting in the sea. With a glass of wine close at hand and his cool new hat by
Genis Whylan, we heard some of the many classics he wrote for Duncan Dhu and for his solo albums: "Mañana", "Veneno", "Entre salitre y sudor", "A tu lado", "Esos ojos negros", "En algún lugar", "A un minuto de ti", "Cartas de amor (cuando no hay amor)", "Cien gaviotas", "Jardín de rosas", etc. Surprise of the show came with "Agua" by Jarabe de Palo as a tribute to its singer Pau Donés, who died one year ago.

At the end he patiently had pictures taken with everybody who asked for it. Cool as f*** dude, that's for sure.

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Mikel Erentxun setlist:
1 El hombre que hay en mí
2 Cicatrices
3 Mañana
4 Veneno
5 Entre salitre y sudor [Duncan Dhu]
6 A tu lado [Duncan Dhu]
7 Ángel en llamas
8 Vasos de roma y ginebra
9 ¿Quién se acuerda de ti?
10 Esos ojos negros [Duncan Dhu]
11 En algún lugar [Duncan Dhu]
12 A un minuto de ti
13 Cartas de amor (cuando no hay amor)
14 Agua [Jarabe de Palo]
15 Here comes the sun [The Beatles]
16 Intacto
17 Cien gaviotas [Duncan Dhu]
18 Jardín de rosas [Duncan Dhu]
Colin Peters:

Got to release my frustrated musician last night at Dorado Live Shows in Santos Ibiza last night. Thanks to Quin Delibat! for the guitar and Marcos Vazquez, Arantxa Alvarez, Silvia Domínguez and Juanjo Perez Chias for the present of my beloved Liverpool FC Season 89-90 top. Extremely badass!
Photo: Alex Sedano


Colin... one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

Ver a un grande de la talla de @MikelErentxun marcándose un concierto totalmente solo en el escenario, es todo un regalo. Gracias por tu verdad, tu profesionalidad, talento, energía, sencillez… Por traernos tu música una vez más a esta pequeña isla

The Moonshine Band is one of the most well-known groups on the island. It consists of an irish (Sean Mackey), an american (the legend that is Dennis Herman, engineer at the Estudios Mediterráneo in San Lorenzo during the second half of the '80s), a spanish (Raúl Moya) and an uruguayan (Danilo Martinez Boerr with his super cool drum kit!).

The multinational band debuted in 2018 with
Everything's alright (recorded live at the bar Boulevard in San Antonio), followed by this year's EP So long Saint Pete. Last year they were also part of the Can Jordi Blues Station Vol. 1 compilation (where they brilliantly covered Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen), dedicated to the much-loved bar just off the Ibiza to San José road and where they've played so many times. They're celebrating their tenth anniversary at the moment (although they actually formed in 2009) with plenty of concerts, usually joined by other musician friends. No guests this time but still good craic. Among the finest moments I should mention old favourite "Island times", the newer "Welcome to paradise", traditional folk song "Paddy on the railway" (included in their latest EP) and the grand finale with "Fiesta" by The Pogues.

Some nice celtic and folk rock music to get us in the right mood for the astonishing concert we were about to witness.

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Brothers Miguel Ángel and Josemán Escrivá lead Santero y los Muchachos, now with the addition of their younger brother Javier. Soni Artal and Pau García-Serra complete the list of members. The band from Valencia made a great impression when they debuted on the island in 2018 at the Sueños de Libertad festival. I don't remember seeing a double bass in the center of that stage before but this week's main act is not your regular band. Inspired by many '50s, '60s and '70s bands, they describe themselves as laid-back rock despite their lively stage shows.

Their discography consists of
Ventura (2017), Rioflorido (2019), the single "Tu sombra al sol" (2020) and the brand new Cantina, which came out three weeks ago. From the new one they only played the first single "¿Qué voy a hacer?" (dedicated to Rock Nights resident dj Lola Von Dage, who was celebrating her birthday) and "Carretera de El Saler" (played live for the very first time). Highlights included their collaboration with Leiva "Aún" (this time with Jordi Cardona from Quin Delibat as special guest), "He de olvidarte" (a reworked version of a song written in 1965 by their dad José Escrivá, member of the '60s spanish combo Los Top-Son) and "Amigo infiel" (with Roberto El Gato from valencian band Los Vicentes on the mic).

Fans and friends from their homeland came over to see them so the evening could not have been more festive. Favourite Dorado Live Shows gig of the season so far.

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The singer Miles Kane, who's on holiday in Ibiza and staying at Romeo's Motel & Diner, was in attendance and having a ball. Talking of Romeo's, the first The Love Motel party of the season is happening right now and it will include a dj set by Santero y los Muchachos later this afternoon.
Santero y los Muchachos setlist:
1 Abrácese quien pueda
2 ¿Qué voy a hacer?
3 Algo más
4 Aún
5 He de olvidarte
6 Amigo infiel
7 Homenaje
8 Tu sombra al sol
9 Carretera de El Saler
10 Ventura
11 Mañana asesina
12 Estamos bien
13 El perdedor
14 Para siempre no existe
15 Volver a casa
16 Oaxaca
17 Déjame ser