> Dorado Live Shows @ Santos 2021

Unlike the other weeks' opening bands, Leilah Broukhim isn't based in Ibiza although she has played here many times before, especially at Las Dalias. She was born in New York but her love for flamenco dance brought her to Madrid, where she's been based since 2000.

As she remarked, she's first of all a flamenco dancer and then a singer-songwriter but she came to sing. Alone with her guitar and under the watchful eye of her dad and some close friends, she played "Inspiration", "September in Seville", "Si me lo pides", "Muse", "Outer body/inner mind" and "Forbidden love" among other songs.

So far she has only released a few singles but I'm sure we'll hear more from her in the near future.

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Ana López Rodríguez, better known under the moniker of Anni B Sweet, was born in Málaga, studied and started her music career in Madrid and then moved to Granada. The indie pop-folk singer is one of the most international spanish artists, with one of her peak moments being the single "A place called world" with John Legend (used on a San Miguel TV ad in 2014), one of her many collabs with other people. She began singing in english (Start, restart, undo-2009, Oh, monsters!-2012, the EP Ridiculous games-2013 and Chasing illusions-2015) and then, for her fourth full-length album, changed to spanish. Universo por estrenar (2019) was produced by James Bagshaw from Temples and it was followed last year by a 7-inch single featuring a cover of Los Secretos' classic "Déjame" (btw, they will play on the island at the beginning of october).

After her appearance last weekend at the prestigious Sonorama Ribera festival in Burgos with the full band (were she shared the stage with the likes of Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, El Kanka, La Habitación Roja, Los Zigarros, Sidonie, etc) it was the turn of Ibiza. This was actually her second time at Dorado Live Shows as
she already played unannounced in 2017. That time she first did a surprise 3-song set alone before Lori Meyers and then joined them for their encore. Last night she returned in acoustic format but backed by another two musicians, Víctor Cabezuelo on keyboards and Julia Martín-Maestro on drums (both members of Rufus T. Firefly), except during the first three songs were she played alone. Difficult not to fall for her charm, her powerful voice and songs like "Shiny days", "Locked in verses", "Sola con la luna" or "Buen viaje". The absolute highlight of the evening was the cover of "No puedo vivir sin ti" by Los Ronaldos (whose singer Coque Malla rerecorded it with her some years ago), with the crowd singing every word of it. Simply stunning.

On a side note, her record label Subterfuge Records will be hosting a week of events at some of Concept Hotel Group's hotels from 23rd to 27th of september. Other artists on its roster that have played at Santos in the past include Vinila Von Bismark, Arizona Baby, Cycle and Viva Suecia.

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Now off to Romeo's, were the whole Rock Nights crew is celebrating the second The Love Motel event of the season... ciao the now!
Anni B Sweet setlist:
1 Shiny days
2 Locked in verses
3 Carmen Celeste [Lagartija Nick]
4 Juramento
5 Astros
6 Un astronauta
7 La vida está en otra parte
8 Ser luz
9 El tiempo
10 Buen ahora
11 La mente hambrienta
12 Hormigas + The Ecstasy of gold [Ennio Morricone]
13 Sola con la luna
14 No puedo vivir sin ti [Los Ronaldos]
15 ¿Qué hago aquí?
16 Religión [Lori Meyers]
17 Buen viaje

🌻Muchas gracias a tod@s l@s que vinisteis ayer al concierto de Ibiza, fue muy emocionante tocaros en un entorno tan bonito, bajo la luna y por primera vez aquí!
Ojalá volvamos muy pronto.
Mil gracias @diegocalvoibiza por tratarnos tan bien tannn bien que no dan ganas de irse nunca.


Mañana estaremos haciendo la fantasy en @dorado_ibiza con sold out, endemientras disfrutando a tope de Ibiza en el @romeos_ibiza gentileza de del gran @diegocalvoibiza

No acoustic or semi acoustic sets this week, as this was a night of loud guitars...

For the first time since it started in 2016, last year Ibiza boogie rockers Uncle Sal weren't part of the Dorado Live Shows line-up. Instead they celebrated
their tenth anniversary as a band with a one-off gig that gave them the chance to play for as long as they wanted and in front of their fans rather than having to open for a bigger name. The quartet was back opening for another band for the first proper concert of Soulman Sal, Artimus Gabe and Francis Fastfingers with old friend and collaborator Ferran Nogués as a new member after their previous guitarist decided to quit the band.

For their eagerly awaited fourth album
Darken my door, in the oven and ready to be enjoyed very soon, not only there's been a line-up change. After recording Little Cabin Music (2015), You ain't no bluesman (2017) and The american dream (2019) in the same studio and with the same producer, this time they changed both. But there's more changes as it will be the first one to be published on a record label instead of being self-released. As a result we have the first advance single "Jacksonville tonight", which sadly they didn't have time to play last night, a mid tempo that sounds different to anything they've done before but still veryveryvery good. They premiered the song that gives name to the upcoming new album along old favourites like the beautiful "Precious one" or "Three days in New Orleans", which merged into Dr. John's "I walk on gilded splinters". The covers are always an important part of their setlists and we also heard Neil Young's "Powderfinger" and Howlin' Wolf's "Little red rooster". A short but intense gig that left us gagging for more.

All in all, future looks bright for Ibiza's best and most popular band nowadays, that has already played a few times in mainland Spain and has won recognition from specialized press and fans of southern flavored overdriven boogie rock across the country.

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Aaaaaah, Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba... what a band. In recent years some of the coolest new bands to come out of Spain are from Andalucia, like Atavismo, Bourbon or DMBK. What started in 2017 as the side project of a few musicians from Sevilla (including the drummer of the brilliant The Milkyway Express), teasing a few songs on social media, soon turned into a phenomenom with their self-titled debut album in 2019. This year's Hilo negro confirmed them as one of the biggest and most exciting bands in Spain. They're simply one of the hottest bands of the moment: a few days ago it has been announced that they're behind the soundtrack of the new movie Las leyes de la frontera, to be premiered next month, and even the mighty Quentin Tarantino praised their music in a recent interview. How do they sound like? Mix seminal flamenco prog rockers Triana with the unpredictability and eccentricity of australian psychedelic nutters King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and you get DMBK. Kinkidelia as they call it.

The whole band and some members of their crew have been taking a little break on the island since the beginning of the week before continuing with their tour dates (including Mallorca today and Menorca tomorrow). They even brought merchandising so people was able to grab t-shirts, vinyls, etc. When I saw Dandy Piranha, Bacca, Gringo, Soni, Papi Pachuli and Machete Carrasco all together for a collective hug (and an incomprehensible chant!) just before they hit the stage it was obvious we were up for a treat. It was a joy watching the stage with all kinds of guitars and an amazing drums setup including a gong. Not only the sextet have a great band name, great nicknames and a great retro image, their music kiss ass too as they proved with songs like "The new gizz", "Caño cojo", "El valle", "Gitana", "Turbocamello", "Somnium Igni, Pt. 1" with only the singer and one of the guitarist on stage, "Aliento de dragón", "Dámela", "Samrkanda", the Camarón de la Isla cover "Nana del caballo grande" (which they recorded for a 7-inch single) or "El salto del gitano". Special mention to the singer with his powerful voice and Robert Plant movements. The keyboardist first and singer later ended up in the pool. The perfect ending for an epic night.

It's hard to put into words what we witnessed yesterday. All I know is that every year there's a concert that stands out above the rest of those seen in Ibiza. Last year it was Maika Makovski at the Recinto Ferial and this one it will be DMBK at Santos for sure.

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On a curios note and an indication of how much attention it attracted, I've never seen so many people outside looking through the fence to follow what was happening inside...
Uncle Sal setlist:
1 Drinkin' days
2 Red's lounge boogie
3 Precious one
4 Darken my door
5 Powderfinger [Neil Young cover]
6 All the family tragic deaths
7 7 Little Red Rooster [Willie Dixon cover]
8 Three days in New Orleans [with snippets of Dr. John's I walk on gilded splinters]

Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba setlist:
1 KBDM (intro)
2 The new gizz
3 Porselana teeth
4 Caño cojo
5 El valle
7 La cueva
8 Gitana
9 Turbocamello
10 Somnium Igni, Pt. 1
11 Somnium igni, pt. 2
12 Aliento de dragón
13 Dámela
14 13 monos
15 Samrkanda
16 Nana del caballo grande [Camarón de la Isla cover]
17 El salto del gitano
18 Outro (La cachimba)

Ver a esta gente en directo, Derby Motoreta's Burrito Cachimba es una auténtica fascinación. Una ceremonia brutal llena de locura y pasión. Gracias #doradoliveshows por traer a Ibiza a lo mejor del panorama nacional. Un lujazo.