Carl Cox reveals plan to build a new Space Ibiza


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Yeah there are nights that attract a strong British crowd, Together for example, but Sankeys and Eden are clubs that attract British crowds regardless of the night, so I dont think Space would work in either of these locations, otherwise it would be a very british version of Space, like the events we get here at 338...

As much as people are getting excited about a new Space, it will never recreate the magic of the original, for starters Space was there at the beginning of house music, a lot of pioneering djs in the scene have played there before they were the massive superstart djs they are today, it also grew with the explosion of the dance music scene, putting in extra rooms and roofs on rooms so they could go on all night
If there is a ‘new space’ i don’t get how people can hope for a ‘good crowd’ surely it’ll just be the next thing for the sheep to flock to? Not like it’ll be kept on the hush...


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Cox is the biggest greediest joke in rave $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. all he cares about
I kinda agree although if you had been playing at his level for so long would you want to stop?

If you was an international DJ gracing the decks of every club and festival in the world and had held a residency at arguable to best club there has ever been and you had the chance to open a new venue with the people who made that all possible why wouldn't you!


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I was a massive Space fan, but they did not create House Music in 1989. I am sure our friends from Chicago, Detroit and New York have a few things to say about that...
I realise that lol, what i was saying was it was a club that opened in 1989 by Pepe which was the peak year for acid house, and also possibly the year it started flooding all the clubs, Space was pretty much there from the start, sure I read Space actually opened in 1986 and was actually called Space, but just did concerts and shows...


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I hate to be melancholic but I do feel like the island hasn't quite been the same since Space closed - and this is coming from someone who's favourite club is Amnesia.

I do believe those four have the right intentions/ethos and if done correctly can really add something to the island that appeals to clubbers like us again, as at the moment with what I fear to be the impending end of Cocoon, Ibiza has never looked less appealing!

I'm just interested to see how this all plays out now. The next 2/3 months are looking to be and very interesting and important time for Ibiza.
I fell exactly the same , Space and Amnesia are by far the 2 best club on the island , now that Space is over , the feeling is very strange ! Went to Hi last summer and wanted to cry when I saw what they have done but even worst than that was the crowd!
In max 5 years lots of vip will leave the island for the next hype destination and I Isa will breath again