Carl Cox reveals plan to build a new Space Ibiza


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Carl Cox wants to build a new Space it sounds like from the articles circulating this morning.

Turn Privi into the new Space?

Build a completely new club somewhere?

Either way I hope he is involved. He should set up a GoFundMe page and watch the cash flow in. People are desperate for something.


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He should set up a GoFundMe page and watch the cash flow in.
I like that. "Lifetime" members, for a minimum investment level. That would get it done in no time.

Better than my idea of a sublease to a part-time dungeon club with a no cameras/ no condoms policy!


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in the current environment seems as though getting permits to build would be very tough with lots of residents against it.


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Too many options as there are right now with nights, so don't know how a new Space would do.
If they build it the right way, people would flock. Competition is good. Don’t care what name they put on it.

The only problem is that the government only supports Matutes and a lot of the locals are too closed minded.
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To be fair to him he did 16 seasons there. The place was packed every time I ever went there - as busy as any other Space event. Plus he appeared to have a very close relationship with Pepe too.
'Fought all the way' seems a bit strong. He's not proposing to call it the Carl Cox club is he?! FWIW I don't think the idea calling a brand new club Space is a good one for the simple fact that it won't be Space. That's gone now. It's a real shame but that's the way it is.

But if he wants to put his money into a new club, run by him and the same people as Space then I'm all for it. You're never going to recreate what Space was. It was of its time. But a new club run by people who love music? I'm in.


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I like the sentiment, but I have to agree with most of you that Space should be left to rest in peace.

Not sure how to describe it, and I'm sure most of the posters on here will have a better understanding of it than me, but the first time I went to Space a good few years ago there didn't seam to be all the party restrictions that there is now. Seamed to be like a 24hr party and you could roll out of Space and down the street past Bora Bora or other places and continue getting on it at the beach till daylight.

I imagine they'd have to reverse a few of the newer laws they've imposed to recreate that sort of experience.


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well, building a new club from scratch won't happen, not under the current government or a newly formed similar one after may. won't get a permit.
only thing I'd see this working is Matutes leasing out the newly acquired Privilege to Cox. like they did with space (or the ground) all these years ago to rosello. but unlikely.


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Don't think there is the demand for another large club, if a new one miraculously got past the planning laws its opening would mean another club closes and it woulden't be the rich Ushuaia and Hi group with their big would be places like Privilege, Es Paradis and Sankeys who are already scraping by on 2/3 nights a week.

Last time this was spoken about there were rumours of building a daytime club in San Antonio but I think even that market is saturated with Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks.

Not sure turning Privilege in to Space works either, though a one off Space branded event with a 'classic' lineup might work.