Burning Man


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i wanted to go but could only rally one other person to go with me, wouldve liked to get a camper and head out there. im aiming to do it in 2016 though


I've been to burning man the last 5 years. It truly is life changing, and there is something for everybody's taste (music, sex, art, lecture, collaboration, achievement,) if it hasn't been to the playa yet then bring it!

We build a camp called music savages and have hosted Jamie Jones' paradise party, lee Berridge, desyn massiello, and many others. The festival is mind boggling and inspiring when you see what people are capable of and how creative everybody can be.

It has changed alot, and the tickets situation is now frustrating. But the event remains incredible. If you can make the journey I highly recommend it.


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Are there any locals on this board who travel from IBZ to BM? My camp (http://www.airpushercollective.com) is planning our party schedule for our art car this year, and would be interested in collaborating with an IBZ-based crew (if there is one!) one evening.

Background: I've been traveling to IBZ annually since 2000 (cousin began living there in 1985). Meanwhile my Burning Man campmates have been running a Burning Man camp for equally long. We've been DJing together in San Francisco for over a decade, but last year we did a little cultural exchange where I took them to Closing Parties and they took me to Burning Man. Although there are plenty of differences between the two communities, we share so much of the same spirit.

Speaking as someone who knows Ibiza well but only recently began attending Burning Man, I was really happy see how quickly our two worlds melded upon visiting each others' paradises.

We're going to keep building that bridge this year (doing both BM and Closing Parties), and would love to collaborate with anyone on the White Isle who is making it to the playa this year. We have a pretty awesome art car with full sound system, and are an officially recognized camp at the festival; we'll be throwing big events almost every night on the playa, and throw equally big events in San Francisco year round.

Is there anyone in particular I should be talking to (on this board or over email) who lives in Ibiza and is planning to attend BM year? Please reach out!


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To all Ibicenco burners or even if you are just BM-curious: Airpusher (my camp) threw our first annual IBZxBRC party on the playa this year and we're already plotting next year's. Please drop a line if you're curious about getting involved. Our camp leadership is on the white isle this week for closing parties...would love to meet up with anyone who shares an interest in helping us build our little Burning Man - Ibiza exchange program :)




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Miyagi played on our art car as well - the Airpusher Airship. http://www.airpushercollective.com/#thecollective

The names on the big art cars keep getting bigger every year...Gerber had a few great sets, Maceo played at sunrise, Cox always every year, Lee Burridge every year with a special one...those are just the ones top of mind.

My camp visits IBZ every year for closing parties and we're trying to build some bridges between the two communities...if any of y'all are Burning Man-curious we should plot a little meetup over hierbas and a sunset in October.