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A bit more food for thought... Lee burrige shares his thoughts on the 'superstar' DJ's who turn and play fot nothing..


My favourite quote from the link i posted,

Robert Murray joined in with far harsher words on the whole direction Burning Man has been going in, “I remember before the wealthy silicone valley snobs took over the Black Rock Desert with all their commercialism the Burning Man was a FREE event. Now tickets disappear within 45 minutes of offering at around $850.00 each. The whole Burning Man event should be burned to the ground it is so elitist and exclusionary. But that’s just my opinion

Thats the spirit! Remember , the passion for destruction,is also a creative passion....


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Someone has compiled all of the recordings from BM 2017 that have surfaced thus far:


This is mainly for you @craig72 since you were digging through the sets last year.

Several of the recordings came from my camp (Airpusher Collective) and/or were recorded aboard our airship.

There's also one from yours truly, around number 102 on that list. It was recorded directly after Miyagi's set (piece of trivia for Craig since he posted Miyagi's mix from last year), who plays on our art car each year.


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I queued for 1 hour 15 mins only to get the 'all tickets are currently held in people's carts but hang in there, if they don't complete their purchases those tickets will be come available' ... Needless to say they completed their purchases and I went without! I was gutted.

Some friends are trying to encourage me to do some volunteering there but I'm not so sure!


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I'd very much welcome some advice JB2008 if you've experienced the volunteering side of Burning Man ... Feel free to DM me!

Don't worry about tickets @makka, they always sort themselves out. There are other things to focus on, like planning, potentially finding a camp, and setting aside adequate time to prepare. If you take care of that stuff the tickets will find you. It can be stressful not having a ticket if you're traveling from a distance but I haven't known anyone who hasn't been able to come simply because they couldn't find a ticket. Making it happen takes a lot more than locating a ticket though! Will send you a DM.

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really interesting discussion - actually agreed with a lot of what they were saying. IBZ and BM are hardly analogous though, although the 'selling out' debate is very familiar - there need to be protected corporate-free zones in IBZ - so much to learn there from BM and there are certainly people at say Dalias who would love to do that but they would never get away with it and so they are forced to play the game..


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Met a guy from Ireland few week ago he lives in Nicaragua and was home for a festival he has 20 campers that he rents for BM and Coachella only for those weekends... makes a hella lot..he was involved in a camp for a few years but this is his baby now...