Burning Man


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I think there is too much crap that goes into attendance for me. It's like, I don't want to think about a tent... lol. Or my water for the week or whatever they're doing. Planning my food. Lol. And my burner outfit or building a float. None of that is really my bag. I don't know. Maybe I'm simply too lazy for it.

I dig that people have good experiences with the desert though. I went to Joshua Tree when I was young (California, Mojave, Etc.) and spent some time admiring the place. I was there for like a week or something. I have appreciation for the beauty of that. But I'm kind of over being outdoors for the most part. I did time as a youth in a camp setting for difficult teens, and have a sort of mind-made-up attitude about camping now. I don't want to.

I wonder what burners do at burning man. Probably roll or something.


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Sorry for the tardiness on this...in Ibiza without much online time ;)

Our crew of burners and IBZ-lovers has been doing an informal exchange program for years now...we find each place has the same negative stereotypes of the other. Something along the lines of: it used to be authentic and weird; now it's co-opted by millionaires and an excuse for rich hippies to have sex on drugs and listen to bad music. Admittedly these stereotypes are earned, if you wind up on the wrong track; but entirely misguided if you do things properly.

To answer the specific question -- it is as weird as Ibiza. Which some people would say is not weird at all, others would say it's plenty weird if you hang out with the right people, everyone would say it used to be more weird back in the day, and others (usually the weirdest) would say who cares, I love it.

Longer exposition on this entire topic, from last year:

And a follow-up we're doing in a few weeks, this time not limited to Ibiza but discussing the comparison of dance music culture in general to Burning Man culture: https://www.pariselectronicweek.fr/quest-ce-que-le-burning-man/

Have lots more to say but gotta head out for some techno for now, pray for some sunshine in Bossa! ;)

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Been watching clips of this years. Not that i’d ever get the chance to go but it’s defs not for me:lol: looks far too weird
Too weird and, the worst, Nevada during summer is steady 40 Celcius degrees with no clouds, so no shade (you're in the desert so there's no trees either). Cant see any fun there, unless between midnight and 6 AM, so what's the point?!


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I think there's plenty to do in the day if you threw yourself into the whole participating in the community thing (and getting around !) but you'd have to really want to do all that not just show up and consume, consume, consume. Most important of all go with some people you really get on with too. The setting, however, has always been a huge turnoff for me. I like greenery and water too much to want to spend my free time building a city in the desert ! I'm not in the creative arts or music industries however - if you were I am sure those aspects could be compelling reasons to go.


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Canceled this year.