Bruce Forsyth

[Bruce Forsyth] is very much like that Khazar Lionel Blair, both trying to be some "British" Sammy Davis Jr, when in fact they are simply a Jew and a race mixer
Hmm... such intelligent discourse! :confused:
The thing is John, that I guess I knew That such sites existed, it was only when I stumbled on this one that it hit home that these folks really do exist and even breed. They are completely illiterate though.
On a side note, it was Bruce Forsyth birthday the other day. You will never guess how old he was?
Its ok guys it won't be long until we are the ethnic minority then the PC c**k heads will have their heads up our ar*es then
I know he's pretty ancient cos when I found it his age before I was like wtf! He may have a big chin but he's doing good for his age
If the Master Race consists of Anton de Burke a-likes, the far right are in more trouble than they think.


As for brucie. There's no fool like an old fool. Stupid old c unt.