Books about Ibiza?


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My pikes book turned up today. Fly to Lanzarote tomorrow morning, can't wait to start reading :D
Its a good read, takes a while to get to Ibiza. He lived quite a life in Australia, Asia and France beforehand!

Would have liked a bit more on 90s and 00s Ibiza, the book of course focuses on Pikes 80s heyday. But still an incredible character who had great vision to turn a humble finca in to Pikes

Johnny Vodka

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They had a cooking book devoted to Ibiza in my local Dobbie's gardening centre. Picked it up, but it looked interchangeable with any Spanish cooking book.

Kim Wrong Un

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I and about 8 others (that i know of anyway) have been on about him to do this for years. I know he isn't everyones cup of tea on here but for the people that do get him or find him amusing, believe me he is 10 x funnier in person :lol:
ha! - I played back the podcasts I did. Leaving aside 'technical' issues, I sounded terrible! Happy to outsource that role to you if necessary

2 other pals gave the book cover a kicking last night, so I might leave it on the paperbacks, with something else for the downloads - I forgot kindle is monochrome duh!!

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so all 16 people who liked it on instag liked it out of politeness?

nightmare, I thought the montage effect worked quite well ! ( this is all K's fault - I'll blame her)

this has the makings of a total disaster already

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I was joking about the cover - it's not that important. If the resolutions aren't right, I'll use another cover instead. I'll see what the printers say

the whole production process is pretty expensive though, which is why I'll only be selling a limited number of printed copies


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I'm usually a slow reader. Read a chapter every couple of nights. I finished tony pikes book in a week. Ashamed to say I have never been. Although he doesn't own it anymore he still lives there. Thinking about booking a few days in early May?

Kim Wrong Un

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I am not going over-promote this on here but for those interested:

I am delighted to announce that my new book THE RETURN OF THE GUIRI is now available for download (There will be a limited print run in due course). The project has been a labour of love over the last few months and a deep and personal journey at times. Cannot thank my long-suffering girlfriend enough for the long nights revising it over and over. A big thanks also for the supportive comments on this forum.

Expect a mix of commentary on 2 years of Barcelona life and endless yarns, travels, political strife, music, Madrid, Andalucia, the Costa Brava and yes a hefty dose of Ibiza too. It's funny, it's angry, it's sad, it's confused, serious and not so serious.

Above all, I think it is a pretty honest account of where my head's at and probably the best thing I've ever written.
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