Best Boiler Rooms whatever genre


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Yeah he's Joe mylers son one of Ireland best tattoo artists.. seems to be making a name for himself on the Techno scene..


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Agree for Terrence Parker.
Harvey over over over-hyped for me.
Don't know the 3 others.


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My 5 faves: DJ Bone, I-F, Harvey, Terrence Parker and Young Marco

spare me your solomons and moody prog merchants

DJ Bone is brilliant and that is a good set.

My 5 off the top of my head:

Solar @ Dekmantel (hidden gem this guy)
DJ Hell
DJ Tennis
DJ Koolt and Nicolas Lutz
Ellen Allien

Kim Wrong Un

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it is all so subjective though isn't it

There is so much music in Sp (and esp IBZ) that I would never think about listening to elsewhere. I don't know if it is the culture, clientele or whether music sounds better in chiringuitos than after-work city bars...? (I don't think the chemicals explain it)

equally, a lot of the nerdy music my pals like flops in IBZ

it's a funny old world