Best Boiler Rooms whatever genre


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A Boiler Room all time classic:)
I like Maceo Plex but honestly this set is all about the Ellum guy, he stole the show. And the couple at min 1:30 ish. And the guy at min 4:00 ish who's having an animated discussion with his reflection on the mirror and appears to be undecided whether to kill them all or keep on dancing. The first ten minutes are pure gold.
I got told that Ellum guy has his own clothing brand and thats him promoting his own stuff....o_O :lol:


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There are some fantastic boiler rooms, but if I were to narrow it down to my top 5 (in no particular order)



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Agree with the Sven one.
That Craig Richards one - think there is a hilarious Lee Foss moment in that?
correct - it's the one where Lee Foss starts moving in with about 30 minutes left of Craig's set. That is one actually worth watching. The way he seamlessly mixes between two turntables and two CDJ's, you realize he is one of the best in the business.

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very well...

if I had to pick one that I stayed with all the way through, it would probably be Young Marco, purely for the selections

blissful balearic house packed with old faves from 89-92



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haven´t properly had a look (or shall I say a listen) yet, but nina kraviz´ dekmantel boiler room is getting some really bad reviews!