Best Boiler Rooms whatever genre

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Haven't watched any of these for
Imagine if they had to actually MIX records. Would we have so many DJs? ?
technically speaking, is there anyone in Europe who can touch the yanks? - the likes of Bone, Stingray, Lil Louis, Blake Baxter, Terrence Parker and the master Mills. I don't think there is - they're totally on a different level. perhaps only I-F from the Netherlands comes close?

the sheer energy here is infectious. Octave One not mucking about - but also keeping it really warm and musical.

a world away from the **** served by your Carolas

The Skream v Disclosure one at the W Hotel in London was funny, but it seems to have disappeared off YouTube ?

Basically the place got destroyed, cushion feathers everywhere.
everyone needs to check out I-F at least once before they die. always mindblowing - seguing effortlessly through italo, electro, acid through to sci-fi film scores and the odd bit of house.