Best Boiler Rooms whatever genre


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my 2 choices...i particular love the pants mix as its so hard for the posers to look cool with a bloke who has a dicknose wandering around in front of them rapping 'itchy witchy lollipop'



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Don't know how to put the link up like others but the Dixon and Ame b2b 4 hour innervisions from 2012 ade is superb


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Im a recent convert to the genre so have never seen Len live but reading accounts of his performance here last year im chomping at the bit to get stuck in. Have to be home for the kids by 7am the next morning as shes working and im driving (40 miles). Somehow I think il be forking out for a taxi on this occassion
For me, its got to be what I call proper Techno, Id only really listen to it in a club setting tbh. If its wishy washy or borderline tech house even, Im turned off. Caught an hour or so of Liebing the other week at Amnesia, went in the terrace after and it just made Dice sound sh1t.

Have a good night, and don't drive!!!


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Just realized its not. Sorry for hogging your post...:eek: len faki is next Dublin I think my daughter is going to that if she get back from boxed off tonight.The Hotel one of there mums booked is.45k from where its on..:eek::lol: