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Andrew Weatherall and associates. jawdroppingly good. I reckon a few on here would really enjoy it.

that and ibiza the week before.

will spend the rest of this month crying in a ball
Sounds like you're had a great time. I would have definitely liked it.
Yeah I think I will be with you in the ball position soon enough, although I still have a bit of Ibiza after glow left, I had such a great time and met some awesome people. I'm sure the UK weather will knock that out of me soon though pissing it down here. I will have to book some music events so I have something to look forward to, always helps.

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Marvin Gaye - What's going on (Mr Beatnick edit) - Sshhh 12"
Smith and Mudd - Shulme (Lexx remix) - Claremont 56 12"
Smith and Mudd feat Bing Ji Ling - The distance - Adventures in Paradise 12"
Sillyboys Ghost Relatives - Muscle cars - Claremont 56 LP 'In a small place'
The Aloof - Never get out the boat (the gosh mix) - FFRR 12"
Taciana - Tudo faz sentido (suba extended remix) - Selva Discos 12" 'Brasingles vol 4'
Jonti - Staring Window 'Tokorats' lp Stones Throw
Aldous Harding - Weight of the planets - 4AD LP 'Designer'
Miwon - Pale Glitter 'Towerblock 29'
Cocteau Twins - Cherry-coloured funk - 4AD LP 'Heaven or Las Vegas'
Nick Drake - Hazey Jane II 'Bryter Layter Lp Island
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Drolch amdani - Bananas and Louie LP 'Joia!'
Gilberto Gil - Vamos Fugir 'Raca Humana' WEA
Ebony Steel Band - Space lab - Om Swagger LP 'Pan machine'
Nana Tuffour - Sikyi medley - Kaliuta EP 'Sikyi medley'
Free Youth - We can wait - Soundway 12"
Seven Davis Jr - Fighters 'Universe' Ninja Tune LP
Brownout - Trackstar the dj to the edge of panic - Fatbeats 7"
Tom Bolas Seinpolis Pak 7' White label
unknown - Gotta fly now - Under cover lovers 12"
Okyerma Asante - Sabi - Kalita Records 12''
New York People - Community wrap - Max 12"
Philipi & Rodrigo - Face Dee Wee 12''
Craig Armstrong - Weather storm - Melankolik/Virgin LP 'The space
between us'
Velocette - Perfume 'wiiija 7''
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in dust (extended eruption mix) - Polydor 12"
African Vibration - Hinde 'Soundway' 12''
Eccentrics Edits 3 - Canoe song - Eccentrics Edits 12"
Fantastic Man - Galactic Ecstasy 'Kitjen Recs' 12''
Michelle Shaprow - If I lost you (King Britt scuba mix) - Warner Bros

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October transmission is now up (the Sept one got canned!)

Featuring tales & tunes from recent travels to exotic islands and ancient castles, before culminating in a weatherall-inspired mix


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thanks for the listen GS!


chatty bit 0 > 27min
Group Listening - What's a girl to do (fatima yamaha cover)
Nu Guinea - je vulesse
Ata Kak - obaa sima
François k - hypnodelic
Weatherall-inspired MIX from 27min > end (I think it sounds alright)
The pink diamond revue - teenage lonely heart (psych mix)
? (can't remember)
Paulor - spaceship (Superpitcher space trip)
Kincaid - bulfas
Younger than me - disco rootz (fabrizio mammarella)
Tom Trago - compass joint (spaventi azzurro dub)
Somerville & Wilson - Yantar (Fango remix)
It's a fine line - I'm a cliche edit service 8