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I think we need a thread dedicated to the so called 'Balearic revival'. A place that connects,and keeps the cafè del Mar refugees up to date with the Balearic revival. The title Cdm refugees was borrowed from @Amp and Deck I don't know if you coined that phrase,but I like it.

Music,venues, interviews,all that bollocks can go here. I know we would like to keep the infomation quiet for as long as possible, but nothing stays secret for long anymore. This is also the way we can combat the commercialised dog shit which is taking over the island. This is thread that lets proper people know where to spend their doe.

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Listen to Hot Air: Mark Barrott (International Feel) talks to Mike Boorman by Mike Boorman #np on #SoundCloud

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Watching this thread with keen interest. I was a late starter to Ibiza (f*** knows why) and find my trips have a certain amount of compromise to make sure mates get a bit of what they want. Planning my first solo trip next year (moped, ride around and see the island) and will take some advice from here to get a better understanding of what I should take a look at

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aka the old farts thread haha!

when it comes to sunset-flavoured music i tend to listen to these guys (some of them play on the island but not necessarily advertised)

ibiza Sonica - Andy Wilson
Jon Sa Trinxa
Coyote (is it balearic?)
Pete Herbert
+ anything by Phil Mison / Harvey / Kelvin Andrews / Nancy Noise I can get my mitts on
Kenneth Bager (from Denmark)

and perhaps not Ibiza these days, but not too far off in spirit >
Steve Lee (Project Club)
Graeme Fisher (The Extended Mix)
AOR Disco
Mark Seven
Lovefingers / Heidi
Bill Brewster's podcast

+ if Padilla's playing anywhere 9-13 Sept - please let me know!