Balearic, Chill Out & Sunset Music

Kim Wrong Un

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These are good, looking forward to the 3rd part. David holmes is bit of a legend

"2nd of 3 in my Formentera / Ibiza series. Don’t let “Ibiza” put you off these shows!
The records I've selected here are much closer to what the island means and sounds like to me and not what parts of it have become."

Part 1

Part 2
ooh nice one. will have a listen

so many brilliant shows on NTS


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Heard about that space ghost album must give it a listen.. .. same with my end of year chart. Probably do a few. Tracks, albums, mix , live mix....list goes on..

Kim Wrong Un

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latest transmission is now up. first 20 mins chat (quite an October!) and then a whole load of uninterrupted music for the last hour

thanks as ever to the regulars off here who tune in ginger solstice, fatphilb, diver
Nov tracklist: PM Dawn 'paper doll' (instr) / Roberto Gatto 'wewe' / Backbeat 'love happiness' (hyapathique simulator) / Underworld - 'cups' (salt city orchestra) // LAST HOUR > Ferdi 'little river' / Space Ghost 'sim city' / Bella Vista 'Mister Wong' (jura soundsystem) / Bison 'salmon sprungcake' (zip it shrimpy mix) / Laughing Light of Plenty aka The Naturals 'The Rose' / L'Epee 'la brigade des malefices' / David Shrigley 'doctors' / Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid - Velocity / Neville Watson 'songs to elevate pure hearts (kink remix)' / Chris & Cosey 'exotika' / Claudio Bagglioni 'Pubblicita' / Gianfranco Reverberi 'Nel Cimitero Di Tucson'