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I've been to Ibiza twice before and can't seem to find anybody willing to tell me where this beach is......anybody here have a clue?? (or willing to let the cat out of the bag)?? I've heard its the most beautiful/secluded beach on the island.......
Right, well I have no Idea (in theory) where this place is, BUT I am staying in a villa just a few Km's to the north of my suspected site.

I think we can establish the following :-

1) It is somewhere between ES Cubells and Cala D'Hort
2) It is the site of a disused quarry where previously the sandstone blocks were removed for the construction of the fortress in Ibiza.

Right I don't think that is too specific, but my own personal idea is that it must therefore be
a) Partially visible from the cliff-top
b) Probably visible if you are cruising by on a boat.

Now I might be wrong here, but there is an important place that you need to get to before you are almost directly above the small beach - now I think I know what this place is called but didn't want to name it here and blow the 'secret' (or I might be completely wrong).

Right I may be right or I may be wrong, I have a more detailed plan than this but I didn't want to mention it at this point. For those of you that know where it is - please confirm if I am on the right lines, otherwise I will continue to add detail until someone can confirm or deny what I am on about
I would imagine that 99.9% of the ppl. that come on this site are true "ibiza-enthusiasts" & `coz of this if they really wanna see Atlantis they probably deserve to, if they are prepared to make the effort & find it, with all this in mind i can reveal there are detailed directions on how to find Atlantis in a certain mini guide to Ibiza, this has never been a secret & was also revealed in one of the free club mag "out there" hand outs, i have never been to Atlantis, but plan to finally make the effort this sept! I`ve heard that you must be carefull if acessing it from the clifftops though, as the descent is meant to be hazardous, but from the pictures i have seen on the net. it is definitely worth all the effort :) !!!

:D ShinySY! :D
Ah Ok, I finally get it now.

Rock carvings, shiva picture by the old cave, geometric stacks and quarries - now I understand why people want to keep it secret.

Don't fancy going down the cliff much especially as it is not the best of tracks down, will investigate hiring a boat out for the day (that way you CAN'T miss it!!!!!)

I think I understand the ethos working here, if you can't find it out for yourself then you shouldn't go!!!!!!!

Really, really don't fancy killing myself on that cliff though!!!!!!!

And I'll keep the location secret also! (although anyone who REALLY wants to find out can do so - I haven't been to ibiza yet (going in june) and I managed to get a good guide to get there from my PC after a bit of headscratching
omg - check out the pages before discussing a topic weve been over again and again........ :)´s a great topic to learn more about yeah? :p
I heard a legend about the island which is opposite Atlantis, and whose name will not say now. The man who told us that story was the captain of hte ferry to Ibiza when we were passing by very close to it. I don't remember it quite well, but it was about a terrain for landing UFO's and some old man who used to breed goats on the island but little by little they were disappearing because of the UFO's. People say that zone (the island, Atlantis, the old building upon the hill) is the most mythic and magical part of the island.

Anyone make up his mind and reveal what the name of the island is? ;)
Toffer said:
Is that the same as torre des savinar?

I think it certainly is.

Cool, still don't fancy the walk down though!

Sounds like I'll have to get a boat to drop us off from Cala D'Hort and pick us up again at the end of the day.

Beers, picnic and snorkelling gear is in order methinks!
I wouldnt worry about it too much mate - it's nice but not that nice !!! It's just over hyped by a load of people trying to keep it secret !!! It aint even that secret any more !!
Yep but should be an excellent place for snorkelling though and as I am based in that area would be worth a visit.

Local beach to me is Cala D'Hort.

Can't wait till 15th June though, it's doing me head in!
I’ve been, we went by car right at the end of the season in 2001. It’s really stunning and a bit spooky mind you the day we went it was quite cloudy and that probably added to the effect. The location isn’t such a big secret anymore (I think they printed it in Mixmag once!) If you can find Es Vedra you can find Atlantis, there aren’t any actually signposts (obviously) but we got a tip off from someone. Its easier to get to by boat but if you ask me that’s cheating. That walk down the cliff face really is something else and when you get there it really is worth all that effort. The walk back UP mind you is totally different story – I though I was going to die. Here’s a tip – take lots of water and don’t wear flip flops!!!
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