1 Euro = 0.944 pounds - anyone going to ibiza in 09?


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I don't like to be miserable, especially when the "credit crunch" dominates the headlines but I am seriously considering not booking to go to Ibiza in 09 :cry:. With the top club tickets being around 45euros and drinks at 15-18 euros in many of the top clubs that makes a weeks holiday extremely expensive! 5 big club nights and a drink in each alone would cost over £300 and that doesn't include taxis, food, other drinks, hotel etc. Are many of you considering not going to Ibiza this year and trying out a different destination to get your sunshine/clubbing fix? Or do you think some of the club prices may come down a tad? Heres hoping!
ive already booked and still cant wait to get back,end of the day id rather save up a bit harder this year and still be able to have a choice of going to 7 or 8 venues every night to hear the music i LOVE and see the dj i like,than to go some were that i aint itrested in.
I really want to go again this year, buts times are hard at work and with the pound practically matching the euro i dont think it will be possible :(
Scam some guestlists, go to cheaper parties. Space/Pacha isn't the be all and end all.

I can't afford to go this year, and conveniently I don't have enough holidays left to go until October.
I had started to get a group together but a couple people have been laid off so I'm guessing no, at this point, the outlook isn't very good.
Doesn't look likely this year.

I was going to hire a villa as we want to take our little girl and didn't fancy being confined to the hotel room after 8pm when she would go to sleep.

We've decided the cost / hassle of holidaying in ibiza with a baby outweighs the benefits this year.

Plus the cost of fuel for the lear jet takes the piss.
I booked a ticket for a festie by the sea in Croatia at the end of August

not sure of journey yet but may well involve a train across Europe - taking in a rave pitstop in Berlin - I kinda like the adventure involved with getting there

I would like to return to Ibiza again but I'm not gonna have a hissy fit if it isn't this year or next

....for people who really do fear Ibiza cold turkey, then you could always try Benicassim, Lloret, Sitges and basically most of the mainland east coast - very similar in many ways - except at a fraction of the cost and without Paula Van Dyke's mug peering down at you from every accursed billboard
Anyone thinking of going over might do well to exchange now?

The rate is only going to get worse as we are in much deeper financial sh*t than the rest of Europe, this will become more evident over the coming months. Talk of further interest rate cuts and deflation not good for the prospects of the pound.

Only my thoughts mind.
I'm still going to go. Only once though. I'll go mid to late September. Just means we'll drink far less in the clubs, look out for more deals. There are always loads of free passes/ wristbands on the go for some nights , free before 12 Be @ Space etc etc.

I'll not be spending anymore money, just need to make my budget go further.
Ive already booked. May not have done if I had known the drop in sterling. I have two options - a) save up 30% more spends or b) have 30% less when im there.

There is talk on other threads of clubs dropping prices - me not think so!!!!

It will hurt paying 6 - 7 quid a pint in Bora Bora, never mind Space or Pacha prices. Might have to be sneaking in a small hipflask
I'm always tight when I go anyway and spend far less than mates so I'm still well game to go, only problem now will be convincing people to come with me...
Given the 2008 clubbing restrictions and the uncertainty in the global economy, it may be more prudent to wait and see how the summer season plays out... and if it's still worth it, to go for the closing parties.
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Given the 2008 clubbing restrictions and the uncertainty in the global economy, it may be more prudent to wait and see how the summer season plays out... and if it's still worth it, to go for the closing parties.
Yer I may do that, I wanted t do the closing parties one year anyway as I've not been in September before and I prefer to go on holiday outside school holiday season, I may see how the exchange rate goes and see what happens in ibiza during the first part of the summer (in case the clubs miraculously reduce their entry/drinks prices :confused:) and then maybe book a 3 or 4 night hol and do a couple of closing parties...probably will cost me the same as my whole week last year!