1. djx2

    >>> djx2

    Here are 3 new mixes for you to download/steam. Styles range from House, Tech House and Techno. Hope you enjoy!! 11PM Mix 01. Ten Walls - Blue Orphan (Original Mix) 02. Liu Bei - Atlas World (Solomun Night Remix) 03. Boot & Tax - Niente Per Niente (Original Mix) 04. Tim Green - Scar (Original...
  2. B

    7th Aug - 10 Aug | Talamanca Area

    Hi, Have been several times in Ibiza with friends. Like puerto Ibiza, Lio, Amnesia, trance music/ chill out, cafe del mar... Happy to meet for drinks / hang out.
  3. TheGreatRabbit

    Trance festival Captured going to two days in 2019

    I had an amazing time at the one-day Captured trance festival this past summer, even in the pouring rain. OK... the lasers in the rain and drenched crowd may even have made Bryan Kearney's closing set a bit more special. Even so, I'm crossing my fingers for two days of sunshine for this next...
  4. charlotte130x

    Potentially a new trance night in IBIZA - Shine

    Rumours of a new trance night coming to Ibiza this year called Shine. Anybody in the know care to shed any light (pun intended)? I hope these rumours are true!
  5. Mowf

    Looking for Trance

    Hi there. Thanks for taking a moment to look at this. Me and the wife heading to Playa D Bossa on 13th June for a week. We’ve just booked Tix for F**k me I’m famous, but me being a missive trance head was hoping for something more, we’ve missed Armin Van Buren at Hi by a week so was wondering is...
  6. TheGreatRabbit

    Luminosity - Amsterdam

    It was a tough choice to make, but I've decided to substitute a week in Amsterdam with four days of trance on the beach at Luminosity, instead of getting back to Ibiza. It will be my first time at Lumi, but the lineup looks stacked for a trance head like me. Still, I'm sure the weather and...
  7. L

    What recent remix's of classic dance tracks do you like right now

    So now the season has come to a end what recent remixes of trance,house techno are your favourite? Mines is definitely chicane - saltwater kryder remix just now quite touchy on remixes of classics but this track is amazing
  8. Loveibizatrance1

    How had the Internet affected in Ibiza was it better before the Internet or better with it

    seen a interesting status on Facebook from Gareth emery today he was talking about how he is going to stop using the Internet and social media and live like what it was like in the 90's where the dj scene never had the likes of soundcloud YouTube etc I seen on another thread someone speaking...
  9. Loveibizatrance1

    Calling for anyone who was around Ibiza when energy 52 cafe deal mar came out

    So just back from Ibiza yesterday and thought I always thought what it would be like when energy 52 cafe del mar came out what was the hype around the track like? It was the first proper trance song I fell in love with aged 9 or 10 on my brothers iPod at the time lol
  10. TheGreatRabbit

    Electronic Family - Amsterdam - 23rd July

    Curious if anyone is continuing on to Amsterdam for Electronic Family on 23rd July? This is going to be my third summer making a trip over from the U.S., pairing up some time in Ibiza with a Saturday out for sunshine, friends and trance.
  11. Eli A

    Looking for Ibiza party buddies from June 13-19

    Hey guys, I'm a 24yo heterosexual Australian uni student going to Ibiza for the first time. My mates have pulled out of coming on a trip so was looking for someone/a group of people who want to party/see ibiza together. Keen to see the Carl Cox opening party on the 14th june and spend at least...