Trance festival Captured going to two days in 2019

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  1. I had an amazing time at the one-day Captured trance festival this past summer, even in the pouring rain. OK... the lasers in the rain and drenched crowd may even have made Bryan Kearney's closing set a bit more special.

    Even so, I'm crossing my fingers for two days of sunshine for this next summer. :D

  2. Discoallman

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    I arrive the Sunday for 4 nights trying to persuade a non trance friend to attend some the trance week parties.

    Anyone who went this year what was the roster like for the week?

    Itica roof party looked good!
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    It was 2-days this year, also. But nevertheless, great news for trance fans that it is returning. One good thing though, is that it looks to be two consecutive days in 2019.
    I guess Captured booked in early in 2017 before Benimussa made the decision to switch Zoo Project to Sundays.
    Caused some confusion that weekend when they sporadically changed Zoo Project back to a single Saturday, with two one-off trance parties either side. This would seem to indicate that Zoo Project stays on Sundays next summer, which is a good thing in my book.
  4. I was there for pretty much all of it, and the lineup was superb. In Trance We Trust had a smaller festival in Benimussa Park on Saturday with the likes of John O'Callaghan, Menno de Jong and Cold Blue. Then Sunday was Captured at Benimussa including Bryan Kearney, The Thrillseekers, Solarstone, Will Atkinson (and a separate psytrance stage).

    The Driftwood boat parties were pretty great too, including a number of the DJs from In Trance We Trust and Captured.

    Itaca was actually a bit of a low point, though not because of the DJs -- they were great! In fact, a number of DJs including Kearney and Cold Blue showed up to hang out even though they weren't playing that night. The problem was that Itaca apparently needed a sound limiter to avoid noise violations. Any time the music peaked for more than a few seconds, it automatically cut it down dramatically. That was rough -- wanting to enjoy the amazing sets and hang out with my trance friends, but having the flow wrecked every few minutes by the sound dropping off. :(

    Definitely drag your friends out -- good tunes, good vibes and and pretty much always a very friendly crowd :cool:
  5. To make your 2019 trance weekend complete, Driftwood has announced they'll be back with their trance boat parties on Sunday and Monday, the 8th and 9th of September:

  6. Discoallman

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    Yeah my mate said itica isn't the same under linekar anyways. I suppose the sound limiter thing is unavoidable due to those dodgey Spanish authorities!
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    Quite like the idea of coming over for this, get Xmas out the way and see how the finances are early next year.

    Missed it by a week this year which I was pretty gutted about.

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