san antonio

  1. Riley D

    One Way ticket to Ibiza: June 7th-??

    Hi, I will be arriving in Ibiza on June 7th. I am a student from the US traveling Europe and I am an Ibiza virgin. Looking for people to party with! I have no set date to leave Ibiza yet... I will be staying in San Antonio June 7th-9th, so far.
  2. M

    My First Post! - San Antonio 14th - 17th April 2016 - Whats Open?

    Hi All So.... 12 guys. (Aged 30-40) heading to San Antonio for a stag do We know its quiet, and not much open but with return flights at £45 why the hell not! I have found that Mint is open along with Flahertys Irish Bar and Golden Buddha in SA I know that Pacha is open weekends in Ibiza...
  3. gutsy

    What's going to happen to SPACE after 2016?

    Thought I'd start a discussion on the possible future of space nightclub , once it's lease runs out next year ! Is it staying? Is it moving? Is It ending ? What do we think will happen or what do we know will possibly happen ? Or are we not supposed to talk about it on here , seems like it does...
  4. C

    San antonio or Ibiza town April 23rd

    Hen party 23rd April 2016. I know pasha club is open on the Saturday but we also want to try and find a place where we can dance or listen to 80s/90s/00s pop. Is there any companies we could book a booze cruise or something similar with during the day in April as most I've seen do not start...