San antonio or Ibiza town April 23rd

San antonio or Ibiza town


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Hen party 23rd April 2016. I know pasha club is open on the Saturday but we also want to try and find a place where we can dance or listen to 80s/90s/00s pop. Is there any companies we could book a booze cruise or something similar with during the day in April as most I've seen do not start until May? I'm just wondering which resort san antonio or ibiza town will have the busier pubs or clubs as drinking or (if it's warm and dry) sunbathing is all we are looking to do.


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I'm not sure anywhere will be that busy in April, but out of the choices i'd plump for San Antonio as it has the biggest range of bars close to each other, some may not be open though. Sunset strip (Mambo, Cafe del mar, Savannah) won't be open until early May from my experience. There will be bars open that the locals go too but not really Hen party style.
Ibiza town for tourist days, i.e. sight seeing and great restaurants.

Playa den Bossa if you've got a top knot hair style and like shuffling!:D


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I know you've clearly made your decision now as it's the day of but I went out in san antonio's West end last night and it was busy and seen a few hen and stag parties so venture there for sure. Really cheap too. Got a pint. A cocktail and a shot for €6