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I've been comming to Ibiza since 1997, and fallen in love with it like thousands of over people. One thing alway's puzzles me is why the island is'nt open all year round. The obvious things do come to mind, ie no direct flights from the uk ect, though I beleive some hotels/ apartments do stay open over the winter, correct me if i'm wrong.

Dave (Bolton, UK)
closed for the winter

The majority of hotels were built for the tourist in summer - some have air conditioning but few have HEATING so cannot accommodate in the winter months. As there is so little suitable accommodation, it is not economical for the airlines to operate on the same scale as in the summer. I understand experiments are taking place to increase winter holidays(they do exist) but are bound to be expensive. You can always fly to Palma cheaply but then the ferries are still quite expensive and certainly NOT convenient - allegedly :twisted:
that's it in a nutshell.

as far as europe is concerned i'd put myself out on a limb and say that ibiza has the best winter weather of all.

many days with cloudless skies and 20ºC sun. of course no swimming though between december and march (unless you're brave).

but the problem is with flights. easyjet to palma and iberia to ibiza - combined total of 6 hours travel each way and 180 euros cost. makes it difficult (although not impossible) to come for a weekend.

make sure you choose a hotel with heating though ;-) - mostly little rural hotels which stay open all year - is a real beautiful get away from it all experience.

anyway enough winter ramblings. when does space open... ;)

is that 180 euros cost each way or round trip?

[edit james] round trip tony [/edit]
when i look around to get a flight in the 'winter' i can often get a really good flight from uk to barcelona, but the flight from barcelona to ibiza is horrendous!!! somet like £150!!! thats the problem.....

and the winters aren't exactly what you would call winters are they james?? they are very beautiful, lovely weather, walking along beach weather in just tops, and its soo relaxed and freash!!!
i've just come in from the beach. lovely and warm in the shelter of a wall and an exhileratingly fresh breeze as the waves come crashing in. the sea is crystal clear and the hills are green and fresh. it's a wonderful day.
i forgot to say that here in san antonio there are thousands of pensioners from the mainland from november to april and they all seem to enjoy it!

i'd also like to back up james by saying that some of the country/agrotourist accommodation looks absolutely fantastic. i use the hotels section on the site to select accommodation of all prices and ranges for a guide i write for a magazine and i must say that it's invaluable and if i didn't live here i would certainly book some of the places in it
what mag do you write for???
you write for easyjet guide haven' you??
is that the same one?
I personally would never want it to be a year-round thing. I think the fact that its only got one special season a year to enjoy a holiday adds to Ibiza's allure. I could compare it to Paul Oakenfold being a resident DJ at one of our clubs here in San Diego: When he comes down here, its a huge thrill to soak up every ounce of his live sound...the place is packed with revelers and no one knows when he'll be back again. But if he were here every week, I could easily take him for granted and get bored. If Ibiza were open year round, people would be scattered out during the year and it wouldn't be the same massive, glorious party we enjoy every summer. The DJ's would be all over the place all year... we could never get them all in the same place, same time as we do now. Plus with the constant trashing that occurs with the amount of people that visit, there would be no time to give the island a rest and let it get its beauty sleep if it were open all year. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade ;) but I don't think it would be a good idea.
yeah but think about the how the economy would benefit from it, and the fact that non clubbing people would love to go there off season for some winter sun...
Yes but when the economy is boosted that usually leads to price increases over time... and I already can barely afford to pay 50 bucks to get into clubs for two weeks and pay for my hotel, let alone the grand it takes to fly over there from here. I don't want to see Ibiza become more commercialized.... thats how Hawaii got ruined. I think it should always stay a private paradise that explodes once a year! But as usual Robo, you bring up a good point. Is the economy there really in need of rescue?
i don't know about the state of the economy there, but with most of the money arriving in a 6 month period, it must put a strain on it, or you would have thought so......
in years gone by, after good summers (by that i mean busy) most of the island could afford to take it easy over winter.

over the last two years however, there has been a big increase in the unemployed in winter, and many complaining (especially with the housing prices) that they can't survive the 6 winter months after such a poor summer...

...this has led to a lot of smaller business going out of business - now some of them might have been 'cowboys' ;) but many many of them will be sorely missed, and the variety of shop / restaurant / bar on the island is diminishing.

Ideal Scenario

8 or 10 month season. after all April and November are almost as warm as May and October - so we could get away with 8 months no trouble whatsoever.

the emphasis would have to put on other activities - drinks and music until 4 pm, instead of 8 am ;) ; more sport, diving, football / tennis tournaments.

with such ghastly november weather 'up norf', i think you'd all agree that a 3 or 4 day break in 25º sun would be a real tonic....BUT... no flights...

...that's what i meant in my earlier post - if it takes 6 hours to get here, i may as well fly to egypt or gran canaria, where it is 'guaranteed' hot.

still i think the next 2/3 years are going to revolutionise budget flights, so who knows the demand may even be enough for some direct flights.....fingers crossed :)

p.s. i think a winter season is only a real possiblity for europeans - sorry pachagirl :( - i am also really glad there are no clubs open in winter (well apart from pacha and space on new year's day) - makes the summer much more special
stephen said:
i've just come in from the beach. lovely and warm in the shelter of a wall and an exhileratingly fresh breeze as the waves come crashing in. the sea is crystal clear and the hills are green and fresh. it's a wonderful day.
what a stressful life!! :p

If you book it far enough in advance, or depending on demand, you can get the following flights.
London to Barcelona...Easy Jet from 12 Euros + Tax each way.
Barcelona to Ibiza from 42 Euros + tax each way on Air Europa.
Lunch in Barcelona is always a good way of breaking the journey up (take the train to 'Saints')
Also, now Easy Jet are flying to Valencia, so a couple of hours in the Ferry bar never hurt anybody.
Saying that, it snowed today (well, really heavy hail which has piled up in drifts and looks like snow) .
So bring your anorak.
What's the water temp. in Ibiza right now?
Here's still at 22ºC as our local newspaper said, and I guess it must be similar there. Still nice to have a bath when the sun is high.
I'm not sure what the sea temp is now but we had to sit in the shade at chiringay on es cavallet on sunday to cool down after walking through the woods from salinas. there were only a few people dotted about sunbathing, but the sea looked so inviting, clear and blue.

On the way there we got caught up in the island half marathon, saw about 50 flamingos close to the road in the salt pans, almost stopped for a drink in the jockey, but decided on the hostal at the end of the beach instead.

Going home there was a big fete in the vara de rey, the fleamarket by jesus (where i spotted a nice new taberna) was in full swing, and the san rafael hippodrome was gearing up for a moto/quad scrambling event, and we passed riders hacking on horseback near the can rich vinyard.

It was a lovely day - winter is so much fun here.
I'd definately like to go to Ibiza in the winter months one year. There's so much stuff I'd like to do, but never seem to get the chance when I go for my summer holiday because I'm normally sunbathing/swimming/sleeping off last night's effects :oops: :twisted: