Who has booked for 2019?


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gutted we wont be over this year :( 1st time in years
be back nxt year though with my 2 kiddie winkles for another alternative 2 weeks :)


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New poster here ? booked for 29/08-01/09 with a few friends. Fourth time for me (not including my first holiday abroad to Es Caná as a 7 year old ?). Will be my first time staying in PdB though.

Haven't seen any other posters on here mentioning the same dates yet.

The Ibiza buzz has taken hold now, struggling to get through the working day and still have 11 weeks to wait ?


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I’m looking at Solomun forward slash DC10 closing weekend solo. Anyone else kicking about then?


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All booked for august 8-14
Going with my cousin!
Staying in playa d'en bossa !
Trying to get a fun group together to go on a charter or boat parties! let me know!


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Ha ha this time It maybe one balcony session
But guys the real closing is Dixon's party later on this night Friday 4th. I know the poster says it's Thursday 4th that a miss print.. you never know who might pop up where that day and night. ?
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