Who has booked for 2019?


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I think that came later, when he broke said flip flop on the way to Utopia and panicked about the cliffs :lol: ... the first meeting was when he was having a paranoia moment and thought I was going to rob their villa. Was just too good not to keep going so I plied him with absinthe and cannabis vodka rather than dump it at the airport. Heaven knows what he was imagining after that :lol::lol:.
LoL they thought you were one of the skinny Romanian cat burglars if I remember right


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Well the trigger got pulled.

Only not solo and the week before.

Sept 28th for 5 days. Blame Harvey for that one.
Give a shout along Harvey party at pikes that sept 30th

ibz finally booked since yesterday with plane & car location & a few tix from spotlight
plane from Orly n not CDG that is too far from home by train...even with a company i dont like very much Transavia.
sept 25th oct 10th, more freedom, as not tied to best mates ?


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Flying in on the 10th next week. Gonna hit up Bodyworks, Solomun +1, Maybe Transmoderna for Honey Dijon and Cocoon on the Monday for some Papa Sven!