what's your favourite view.


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i often think that ibiza has absolutely nothing spectacular about it. it's just small, perfectly formed, and everything fits together in perfect harmony.
i have lots of favourite views and sights:-
the road into san lorenzo from santa gertrudis
the view from es cubells when icy fingers of sea mist are drifting in
the mainland from cap negret
the sea crashing onto the rocks at punta galera
the rocks of ses baladres
the rain bouncing in the road from under a bar canopy
the boats at anchor on crystal waters at cala conta
cloud drifting down from sa talaia on april days
a million stars in cloudless night skies
and probably a few more!
what are yours?
the sunrise from the beach at figueretas whilst enjoying a coffee in the croissant show after a good night out

the way the sun casts the crispest of shadows on the pine covered hills either side of the san josé road (is that too mills and booney?)

driving in to ibiza town at night when the cathedral is lit up bright - it is still the most exciting view i've ever seen

the way the sun sets further north in winter, leaving sa trincha restaurant bathed in a golden light just before it sets

(in fact just writing these makes me all goose-pimply :):) )

mine has to be:

seeing es vedra on a clear blue day, with hardly a ripple in the sea.

seeing the san jose cathedral, with its golden roof

sitting in the marina botafoch looking at the old town with a blue back drop and the boats going in and out.

seeing the port of ibiza light up, with all the 'different' and extravagant people.

sitting in restaurants by the sea, looking at clear blue water meeting the clear blue skies...
Robo said:
seeing es vedra on a clear blue day, with hardly a ripple in the sea

how about seeing es vedrà from this point of view? :rolleyes:

is this all you do all day, look for pics of ibiza,
i'm not complaining, this has just mad my day,

muchos gracias senor!!!!!!
have you gone completely crazy? i am not loco!! :lol:

<--- mc after a long hard day searching pictures for señor roberto
what you not telling me you actually work in ibiza!!! hehehe!!! only joking....
-driving down to Salinas and watching the many salt deposits.

-relaxing on the beach at Salinas and watching all the boats out at sea.

-the view from my balcony of the traffic along Avgda Espanya leading into Vara de Rey at night. It's as if the city is coming alive with so much energy.