Weekend Plans


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Quite a cruisey weekend, chilled day at hone and then to devon to visit the MIL on Sunday. I do have Monday off though- first chance to go and get fitted for new trainers for the Marathon. 7 weeks in and my current ones are steadily ruining my feet


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Kickin' it! No. Actually exercise and job-hunting are both on the agenda, but they don't take up a whole lot of time.

We're still relatively cautious about the pandemic in my household - I don't go shopping, and only visit grocery stores, restaurants, or drive-thru cafe's (Starbucks) with a mask. Gloves too mostly; except if it's the drive-thru.


The weather here (west coast of Norway) has been tough over the last few days. We get a dump of snow every day, then it melts. The wind has been blowing like crazy.

A Dutch ship almost sank off the coast during the storm a few days ago. After the wind dropped it got towed into the port here, whilst listing heavily to one side. I might go and check it out. There's not much else to do whilst in lockdown. All other entertainment and activities (other than checking out half-sunk ships) is cancelled these days. We are barely allowed to meet friends.

Video: https://www.nrk.no/video/d21b54a8-2250-43db-8d9e-724f4b926aa3


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Few weeks off from work. Settled into the new house a bit now (moved during that tim etoo). Back to work this week and am already back to disliking it :lol:
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