Weekend Plans


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-attending 5 year old's birthday/ pool party tomorrow afternoon (full of booze and really for adults)
-attending costume party and children trick-or-treat event tomorrow night (full of booze and really for adults)

Both within stumbling distance of my house ;)


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Annual visit Drumcode @ Tobacco Dock tomorrow. Looking forward to it, good crowd going including some mates not seen for a long time. Also won 4 tickets for it so an extra £40 in my pocket :)


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Meant to be at Manchester’s Albert Hall for Retro tomorrow after the Burnley match, however having baby sitter problems. Said baby has passed on illness to all grandparents ? friends back from Qatar and was meant to be a big drink...

Told my Mrs to go and I’ll stay at home if we can’t sort it out.

Fireworks for Diwali Sunday possibly

Kim Wrong Un

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With the riots in Catalonia, it was impossible to take the normal road today to come back home.
So we decided to do a road trip and leave ibiza one day before.
And without paying one euro in highways.
So we took a boat for Gandia yesterday, we crossed Spain by the Aragón region, crossed the Pyrenees at 1800 m, and finished the trip by the center of France.
1400km, no paying highway, nice challenge...
We arrived at 4pm in Gandia yesterday, I drove a little bit more of 5h,we slept in Huesca and took the road this morning at 7.30am.
We arrived at 8pm at home tonight after a very nice trip on little roads...
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It has all calmed down on the streets now but that was an incredibly dramatic week!

Vanessa Paradis actually cancelled a concert because she 'feared for her safety' although the Psychedelic Furs played their gig with no drama.


Nothing exciting this weekend - but we do have a slot at an indoor fleamarket on Sunday. Bargains galore!


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Rugby, football, beer, in that order. Few lads I know went to see camelphate last night, awaiting reports. Some great tracks they've got going on