UK Clubs closing at an alarming rate


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Such a shame it is closing parties that bring lineups like this out!! The 17th should be a belter though.


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That was the last time I stepped foot in that place! Think it was on a boxing day night
Yeh there was one on the boxing day, I went to the other one in February I think it was. Never been back since as the venue is shit.


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I have already booked accommodation and train up from London to go to the 17th date. Can't wait for this

Dan Gruner

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That news has turned the end of a bad stressful day into a much better one. Victory for common sence (albeit a small one maybe...). I can't stand thick-as-shit people that purchase property next to clubs/pubs that have been there well before time and complain about noise. What I'd like happen to them I can't repeat on here... ;)



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Richie Hawtin just been confirmed for Rainbow Warehouse, along side all the djs you can imagine. Massive live up. The warehouse seen is moving on up!


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I think this is also referring to your sharon and tracey style clubs as well though, in my town we have gone from 5 clubs, non of which credible dance music clubs to 1, reason being is that you can go to Weatherspoons which is now open until 3am, and have a drink and dance to chart music for a fraction of the price.

I really cant see how these ritzy, cinderella etc style clubs can still exist, most of which only stay open until 3am anyway, so why would you go when most bars in town centres stay open until that time now anyway
"...ritzy, cinderella style clubs"

Gotta be from Swansea!? Or did every city have clubs called these I dunno?