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Where's the thread about

"emotional lassie who lived in ibiza who got items fingered in her shop and who asked for constructive criticism on her blog but only really wanted unconditional praise then got really angry with everyone for not saying what she wanted and then started venting about how difficult her live is/was and you don't know what i've been through the moderators are twats only to get ridiculed even more in response by the board - gate"


because that was pretty good
:lol: :lol:


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And then Hanna (the emotional lassie) started a rant about the fairy lights which, IMO, was one of the most racists rants I've ever read on here

I think it was deleted
Ah good old Hannah. She opened a bric a brac shop in San Carlos and kept a blog about it in which she slagged off all the hippies as fake and then eventually flounced off the island because the authorities wouldn't let her home school her daughter which she wanted to do because she didn't want her child learning Spanish and Catalan. Makes a lot of sense.....