Top Ten Spotlight Threads Evah!


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Mine, no order, not necessarily actual thread titles:

'The Spotlightwars - the last day of Members'
'LouiseSweeney - SaskiaGate'

*Darn it - main thread title doesn't edit!!!!

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not sure on thread titles, but

mambo and mark doyle
take that tickets
famous people you've seen caned (domgate)
robder's throwing stuff in the bin thread, for which he got banned.
x-amount and the female dj
morbyd's soccer for yanks threads - armball, ejected, second period, etc, etc
hannah/babysitter gate
when jj called beckiboo a horse (or similar)
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Two classics indeed, Marky.

In my defense re: armball - I actually wrote "handball" first then some reason decided to change it because the ball hit the upper part of Drogba's arm. I will never live down that mistake! :lol:
Ah, this explains why a few of my favorite threads are all on the front page today.

Stoneywatch and the headline shockers, brilliant. :lol::lol::lol:

Forgot about the death of celebrity one as well...
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Surely one of our religion threads, with Buckley's heathenism on full display, must rank in the top ten! :lol: Maybe the spaghetti monster thread?