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  1. aregandj

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    Dates you were there: 25th June - 3rd July

    Where you stayed: Can Daniel, a private Villa about 10 minutes from the airport (Was amazing and couldn't have asked for anything more

    Club nights visited:

    Monday 25th
    - DC10 - Circoloco
    Tuesday 26th - Benimussa Park (Capadi Rebelsland) + Underground (Tini and The Gang)
    Wednesday 27th - Pacha - Cocoon
    Thursday 28th - Hi - Afterlife
    Friday 29th Hi - Glitterbox (I know Hi 2 nights in a row o_O was not the plan however to Bambuddha before and wanted a pretty easy going night. Had a proper good laugh at Glitterbox though and would recommend it highly for something not to serious/
    Sunday 1st - Zoo Project + Pacha (Solomun +1)
    Monday 2nd - Amensia (Game Over)

    Best day/night:
    Best day has to be any day in the villa. It was just perfection and the best place for our private afters as a group. Lots of different places to chill including terraces looking out over the sea, hammocks and a lovely pool area.
    Best night was Cocoon or Underground. Cocoon was just simply class all round. Loved the new Pacha the music was top notch this night! Underground was also brilliant. Very different to most venues in Ibiza and has a very nice relaxed chill out area out front. Can definitely see myself coming back here soon!

    Worst night: Cant say one! If I had to be picky I would probably day Circoloco as I probably overdone it a little to early when we first arrived on the island and by the time we got to DC10 I already felt f*****! Also I somehow managed to fall into one of the roped off areas and get myself kicked out around 1:30-2am :spank:

    Best bar: Didn't really go to many bars but one I did visit is one I went to last year which I really like. Its in Ibiza Town on some steps in Dalt Villa I believe its called S'Escalinata and its a lovely relaxed bar where you sit on beanbags.

    Best place to eat: Bambudhha by a long shot! One of the best meals I have ever had and the setting of the place was lovely. Had a nice big table for 7 with the thing that spins in the middle so easy for sharing. Had the King Crab Legs to myself as a main and they were amazing!!

    Money spent: Way too much!!

    Biggest regret: Literally can't name one was the best Ibiza trip yet and honestly would have changed anything!

    Going back?: Hell yeah!!! Already booked for 3-6 October for Cocoon/Afterlife/Destino Closings + It's my birthday on 5th :p:rolleyes:

    Top tips: Get a villa! If you have never done this it was the best thing about our trip!

    Edit: Should have added I finally managed to meet the legend that is @stivi in Amnesia! Great to finally meet you hopefully catch you again in October.
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  2. elmooreo

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    Dates you were there: 27th June - 5th July

    Where you stayed: First night just a crash at Lux Mar then had a villa in Sa Carocca with 6 close friends and three tots in total including my 8 month old. Villa was good had a decent pool area and was kid safe but air con issues in some of the rooms.

    Club nights visited: Only DC10 for me...was a close call and nothing was really jumping out at me. Slight regret that we didn't do Solomun and Mano the night before but we fancied a bit of a dance in the garden and that turned out really well. Marcel Dettmann and Black Madonna were very good in the terrace and caught a solid bit of San Proper in main room who is nuts but always seems to work. One of my mates over did it and I ended up taking him back prematurely about three thirty so missed DVS1...there's always next time!

    Best day/night: One of the great things about having the nippers is that most mornings we were up and out before 09.30 - had some cracking mornings at cala saldeta and cala tarida and also salinas - evenings were great with the football on, bbq on the go and the beer/wine flowing.

    Worst night: Not really applicable

    Best bar: Had a few bevvies one afternoon at Sa was deffo lower but still great atmosphere

    Best place to eat: Had a superb meal at sa punta one night me and the mrs managed to sneak off just ourselves...we always eat there once per trip and its still great having a drink there on the terrace and then getting a nice meal in downstairs...wanted to go somewhere new maybe further north but didn't really have the flexibility this time round.

    Money spent: Not too bad this time round!

    Biggest regret: None really...a very different trip but still very enjoyable!

    Going back?: Late October Formentera for a week.

    Top tips: Just echo what most of the veterans say get a car and go exploring and always try as many new places to eat as possible!
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  3. cunninghamali

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    Great review!! I am going same days as you for closings, will be at cocoon and afterlife and my bday is the 6 Oct! Haha
  4. CasaNegron

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    Yeah.... having a similar experience now. I think it is a lingering stress of worrying about your kid, not being able to sit and have a proper meal out, my 1yo baby crying in public, etc.

    My 5yo picked up a gas bottle on the strip yesterday.:lol::mad::lol:

    Probably the tension eases a bit as they get older...
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  5. kimajy

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    So happy that you are fully part of the Spotlight family Jean Michel and that your time on the island was so perfect. I am sure we will meet again soon enough !
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  6. aregandj

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    Well I’m sure I’ll see you there!
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  7. CasaNegron

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    A pleasure to meet you and your lady as well.

    Thank you for the St. Joan tip! My boy will always remember jumping the bonfires at midnight!!!
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    I am still asking myself who in your family is looking the best ...
    Lucky you!
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  9. jimmiz

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    For sure, next time in the North...
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    Just read it now! Great review @jimmiz - wow! Feel sad i wasn’t there too
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  11. jimmiz

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    i have no doubt our dirty souls will cross another time in the future
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  12. Kim Wrong Un

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    Yes - por supuesto!

    I’ve been feeling really negative/low recently (taking break from facebook) and I think we just miss you guys in Sept but yes definitely - i think ibz does rejuvenate people! Maybe a visit in the colder months?
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    we will be back second half of september for sure...
    And our 'forever coming to Portinatx" plan is "En Route"...
    So definitly thee is a chance to share some magical moments quickly...
  14. Herbie

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    my wife called time on our relationship a month ago. I have a solo trip booked for clockwork weekend and I wasn’t going to go but my dad being 76 and the only man I take advice from has told me go. To be honest it will make or break me. I look at the island as a magical place. I only go once a year but feel home as soon as I land. I’m not sure what it is but something grabs me (and it’s not my ex wife) in my opinion it definitely rejuvinates the right people
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    btw,you was there...
  16. Bucko08

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    Brilliant post!
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    DJBOMBERMAN Active Member

    wow, just wow to your review. Some of your comments have almost brought tears to my eyes. I could really feel how great it was for you during my read and i cant wait to come back to my most loved place on earth. Thanks for that review again.
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  19. jimmiz

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    Thank you for your nice comments
  20. McRackin

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    And the award for the nicest guy in the forum goes to... JIMMIZ!

    Great to meet you at last! :):)

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