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  1. McRackin

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    Dates you were there:

    Where you stayed:

    Club nights visited:

    Best night:

    Worst night:

    Best bar:

    Best place to eat:

    Money spent:

    Biggest regret:

    Going back?:

    Top tip:
  2. macdonsj

    macdonsj Moderator

    Dates you were there: May 5 - May 12

    Where you stayed: Palladium Palace, PDB

    Club nights visited: Sven Vath @ Pacha

    Best night: Sven Vath @ Pacha

    Worst night: N/A

    Best bar: Tantra - as it involved a drink with Stivi

    Best place to eat: Pinochoes, Ibiza Town - nothing fancy but a staple of every visit (we were all inclusive so only ate dinner out once)

    Money spent: a fortune (mostly before) + most of money on island seemed to be on taxis

    Biggest regret: none - it was a lovely family holiday

    Going back?: Hope So

    Top tip: If planning bus trips including Ibiza Town, research stops and pick ups
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  3. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    good to see you again mate. let's make sure it doesn't take another six year until next time!! :)
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  4. macdonsj

    macdonsj Moderator

    indeed it was - hopefully will be a lot sooner!
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  5. Dream Drums

    Dream Drums Guest

    Heavy night then at pacha
  6. macdonsj

    macdonsj Moderator

    Damn you autocorrect!!
  7. Don Simon

    Don Simon Well-Known Member

    That other hotel we were talking about is having a lot of trouble after their refurb, good thing you swerved it !!
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  8. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Dates you were there:May 25th may 29th

    Where you stayed :Figueretas

    Club nights visited: Privilege opening (with 2 spotlight Ita+German),Elrow opening (with 1 spotlight italian & met crazy spanish contacts from past year) amnesia Hi black coffee(solo but i met usa solo and former german mate & french workers) Woomoon opening (solo but met 1 french worker one ita contact) opening Saga opening heart ibz(solo but i met contacts, french workers, turkish girl living in ibzi guess i met her there last year same party), Circoloco DC10 (with 1 spotlight italian & 1 uk girl and met some contacts french dj former mates )

    Best night:Elrow opening even i left early because mate was burnt :D Mood (the thing other parties didn't have) still crazy with OK TEch house but rammy as hell if u don't spot a place & don't go out in smoking aera as its nightmare to walk by

    Worst night:Woomoon , not about the music but alone i didnt find it friendly such as in BMI where many people goes towards me

    Best bar:Veto, went to see parisian friend on decks with only vinyls on sunday , this is the adress for B4 for those going to pacha with cheap drinks & quality music ,even quiet empty

    Best place to eat:Can pilot, was looking for mates in my whatsappgroup to eat chuleton de buey but went with usa solo bloke i met hi opening
    I didnt have time to go to other places even on my minds

    Money spent:I didnt count but less than year 17 for sure & less than average spread here

    Biggest regret:Not going to blue Marlin with Black coffee , culoe de song Pete Tong and choosing woomon closing

    Going back?:July 20th

    Top tip:Always having Ice, water and food help not to spread time b4 the parties & don't forget to put alarm clock as i did & wake up in panic because of the sun burning my body :D 1h30 b4 my plane taking off , in panic thinking to buy the enxt flight..but succeed to get in by 10mn :p dropping car at airport .

    As daytime IMS Dalt vila, Ants opening part2
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  9. BakedBeans83

    BakedBeans83 Member

    Dates you were there: 21st -27th May

    Where you stayed: New Sa Clau San An harbourside (1st time staying in SA). Towels stupidly fluffy and flooring not laid properly there's bumps in it. Otherwise great.

    Club nights visited: IMS Underworld @ Heart 23rd, IMS Dalt Vila 25th

    Best night: IMS Underworld @ Heart. This was the first time I’d seen (Papa) Sven and his last tune was one I didn’t expect to hear from him which has now become the memory-tune of the hol, and I’d have seen Underworld wherever I was on the planet if the chance came up, so it was a bucket list thing for me. Heart seemed really organized and welcoming too (compared to the last time in 2015 when I tried to eat there – separate review on this forum here somewhere)– I liked how it wasn’t too big and the terrace was huge.

    Worst night: None.

    Best bar: Mambo will always be close to my heart & the food and drink arrive fast. Yes it’s a money machine (I'd have inserted an emoji here but I cant find them!) but a free party every night so why not.

    Enjoyed Kilties in the west end – hub wished he’d watched the whole play-off final in there as opposed to the first half in Ibiza Rocks bar which “wasn’t a good set up”.

    (Golden Buddha - The Mojito in there was one of the best I’ve ever had).

    Best place to eat:
    In San An – the new tiny Chiringuito between the dockside and the fish market as you look at the harbor at the end of bar street (you can see it from ground zero to the right as you look towards the taxi rank). The red prawns were the best we’ve ever had in the med and 10 trips to Ibiza plus the other food equally as good and decent traditional-recipe sangria.

    Elsewhere - These two were equally super with equally bumpy, hairy and bendy drives to get to: Ses Boques below Es Cubelles & Es Bolado above Cala d’hort – prob not the easiest places to get taxis to and from either and book in high season – we chanced both in May and were lucky – the whole island felt as busy as June/July.

    Ibiza Town – Locals Only - that Elephants ear takes some beating.

    Money spent: (in total for two):

    £472 room only Jet2 package

    ~£650-700 food & drinks

    £220 2 x club nights

    210E 5 days Class car hire

    30E petrol

    100E taxis.

    Biggest regret: Hiring the car for 5 days out of 6 meant I felt we had to use it when we woke up to overcast weather most mornings rather than the many quaint water taxi boats across from our hotel to different beaches. In hindsight the car was a bit of a safety net incase the weather was hit & miss plus Sa Clau doesn’t have a pool and I’m not keen on the beach in front of Ibiza Rocks/Itaca strip.

    Going back?: Ibiza ‘til I die

    Top tip: (s)

    Always have a plan B.

    San An – proud to say I’ve eaten my words – if it came down to it would stay in the West End over the ‘bay’ any day.

    Prob said this before but when at Mambo use the loo’s in Mint next door as there’s no queue, no hassle, the music is the same during the pre-parties as it’s all owned by the same people.

    Know not everyone likes it on here per se but when at Cala Bassa you can stick your own towel/brolly etc down on the beach but still use all the facilities/bars/loo’s etc which saves money but still allows to enjoy the ‘luxury’ plus if you use their car park you get a voucher for either a Corona beer or bottle of water - we used at main walk-up bar no issue.

    Driving/Parking – took us a while to find parking in San An even in May – the road between the Mercadona and Urgencias centre that runs along the entrance to the bus station is the only place we could ever park by chance after driving up/down/around it a few times first. Also some of the cars and vans had been parked for way more than the advertised 2 hours in the municipal car park over the road! (another emoji) For Petrol – you need to name the price and pay up front.

    For all the best/worst/tips there are other equally amazing places in all parts of the island but these listed here are specific to this trip only.

    Read this forum it’s absolutely invaluable, its helped make each trip since my first in 2001. Long live Ibiza and Ibizaspotlight.
  10. gutsy

    gutsy Active Member

    Great review. We went to ses Boques, stumbled upon it last Thursday, quite hairy driving down there. Fish looked great but we only went for a snack so just had a few starters. Highly recommend from what we had and see being served.
  11. johndiamond

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  12. elmooreo

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    Come on man what was the Sven tune?
    Great review!
  13. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Snobbery at an Israeli Elitism House night..
    Who'd have thought..
  14. BakedBeans83

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    thanks Elmooreo. Tune is Pick Up by DJ Koze.... will only ever think of Sven and Ibiza18 when I hear that now.

    Also got a photo with Pete Tong on Heart roof just before he went to introduce Underworld so I was a happy tourist :D
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  15. BakedBeans83

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    Thank you. Yes the drive is something
  16. Alexdewing

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    Where you stayed: Figueretes

    Club nights visited:
    Thu. Soundgarden km5
    Fri. IMS Dalt villa
    Sat. Elrow for Pan Pat all night long not the inflatables
    Sun. Sol +1

    Best night: all superb, cant possibly choose

    Worst night: na

    Best bar: Es Xiringuito Figueretas. Great cocktails

    Best place to eat: km5. Food is superb.

    Money spent: a lot.

    Biggest regret: ibiza is not for regrets.

    Going back?: september

    Top tip: hire a car to see the island but leave it behind when partying
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    Did woomoon start in Israel?
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  19. BritnySpeers

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    Je suis confused
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    Confus :)
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