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    It's a Godsend, though not always easy to get. (I bought loads of etizolam before the psychoactive ban came in, but am now running very low.) I probably wouldn't bother with MD if I didn't have access to downers. Only other solution is to sink A LOT of booze before bedtime, which isn't ideal.
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    Dates you were there:
    24th – 27th Sep

    Where you stayed:
    Ryans La Marina, Ibiza town. Couldn’t fault it despite some negative reviews. We had one of the three ‘penthouse suites’ at the top of the main original building, purely cos we fancied the roof terrace & the price wasn’t much more than their other rooms. It didn’t have a lift but we knew about this before arrival. Was pleasantly surprised to be offered a welcome drink and friendly smile on arrival and someone took the cases up the 4 floors for us. Views at the top were to die for and could just about see the Solomun on the port stage. I’d go back here for the terrace alone, aside from it being bang in the middle of Ibiza old town which was perfect for all the water taxis/ferries and every single thing I love about that area. Room only so didn’t eat their breakfast. View out the back from the shower window was equally iconic (Dalt Vila in all its glory) and the room had everything and more one could need including a smeg fridge, safe, tv and aircon.

    Club nights visited:
    Solomun at the port on 26th.

    Best night: Wasn’t a ‘night’ but the couple of hours between 4 and 7 we were at Bora Bora on 25th were class– nothing beats the atmosphere as the place builds in the late afternoon – I just love it. Not my first time here and wont be the last. As we all know you literally turn up and its half-dead then fast-forward 3 hours it’s rammed and everyone’s dancing on the tables – get in - Ibiza as it says on the tin for me.

    Equally as good was the Solomun night – loved the music and atmosphere (notes/tip below) and for the “price”, location and atmosphere it’s a no brainer.

    Worst night:
    Doesn’t really apply

    Best bar:
    Bora Bora – their Sangria was spot on and only 7euro for a decent glass it was a good deal – even after the price change. It was funny there was some Spanish diva who spent 25 minutes debating with the barmaid this price change resulting in 2 full glasses of wine being sent back behind the bar and her walking out…. haway!

    Best place to eat:
    Little Ibiza right round the end of the prom in Figueretas– menu/value/freshness/service/taste - the whole package.

    Money spent:
    About €650 including the last minute hotel (booked direct) / flights (Jet2) plus about 350euro spends.

    Biggest regret:
    Not being there for Glitterbox closing for its lineup - 2 from the group who joined my mate after I went home loved it :cry:

    Going back?:
    Always emotional on way to airport - leaving rips my heart out every time. Could preach all day about it.

    Top tip:
    For any first-timer as long as you know before you go its not cheap (its not Benidorm/Greece) and forget about the prices just go with it you’ll have a better time. I’ve said this cos the lass I was with for 3 days didn’t bat an eyelid about prices but the 4 who joined her the day I flew home spent their 3 nts debating prices and walking past places – she rang me later into her trip so fed up with this, wasting precious time especially during a shorter trip, quibbling over a few euros.

    Was super impressed by the organization and cooperation from the local bars around that end for the Solomun on the port and how they set up take-away bars on their terraces for clubbers. Ironically however the place we settled in for the night with a front-line table & chairs (my mate has arthritis) directly to the side of the stage wouldn’t let anyone use their loos – even us who were sat there paying for their drinks and tipped- we literally only needed to pee :evil: so had to do relays back to Ryans stopping on the way back at other take-away bars for drinks. The tip here is the further away from the stage the cheaper (and often better) the drink.

    Use water taxis/ferries. The new Sea Bus between Fig/PDB and IT was superfast over the more established but charming Aquabus.

    As mentioned in my previous TUHIW for 2018 there are many more equally amazing places in all parts of the island but those listed here are specific only to this short trip.

    Got a few observations so will post them in the relevant thread.
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    Dates you were there: Monday 17th September to Sunday 30th September

    Where you stayed: Sal Rossa Apartments in Playa d’en Bossa for the first 5 nights with friends, and then the wife flew out on the Saturday (22nd) and we stayed at the Sol Beach House in Santa Eulalia for 7 nights. Couldn’t fault either.

    Club nights visited:
    Mon - Circo Loco @ DC10
    Tue - tINI and the Gang (Half Baked edition) @ Underground
    Wed - Paradise @ DC10
    Thu – Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago @ Ibiza Rocks / Flash presents Somoslas @ Pikes
    Fri - Glitterbox @ Hi

    Best night: Hard choice to make, the nights at Underground and Pikes were superb. Great music, good atmosphere and a quality crowd in both places. But I think the Thursday might nick it. The whole day was excellent, Lovely Laura at Ibiza Rocks, followed by watching Rangers grab a point against Villarreal in the Highlander, and then on to Pikes via Itaca.

    Worst night: It wasn’t a bad night as such, but probably the most frustrating. I love DC10 and have always had a good night in there. We’ve always been ok for space and room to dance, but the night we done Paradise the Terrace was unbearable, it was not enjoyable at all. After nearly being crushed the girls weren’t feeling it and so we spent some time in the main room and garden instead.

    Best bar: Elements (Benirras), Tango (Ibiza Town) & La Costanera (Santa Eulalia)

    Best place to eat: Relish in San Antonio was really good, as was OntheBeach at Cala San Vincent. Taco Pacos in Santa Eulalia was really nice if you like Mexican food (..and a good Mojito). El Puntal in Santa Eulalia also deserves a mention.

    Money spent: Enough

    Biggest regret: Drinking way too much at Nikki Beach for the Champagne Brunch. It was the missus first proper day, so she was all guns blazing! :rolleyes: I however was still trying to recover from 5 nights out on the trot.

    Going back?: No chance, I’m done with Ibiza, think I’m going to give it a miss next year :!:..... Only kidding, flights booked for half term in May with the wife and daughter, and then no doubt another trip in September/October with friends.

    Top tip:
    ‘Sleep and Food’ for survival is key, especially at 36.
    Try and visit Underground or Pikes if you’ve never been before.
    Hire a car and explore the Island, there is so much to see.
    Don’t let your mate fish hook you with supplies. :eek:
    …oh, and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this is previous reviews, get a Revolut card before you go.
  4. Dates you were there: 29th Sept - 3rd Oct

    Where you stayed: Hotel Garbi - wonderful!

    Club nights visited: Ants, Solumun + Bicep.

    Best night: Solomun all the way for me.

    Worst night: none.

    Best bar: I'm easily pleased, if the beer is cold i really couldn't give a monkeys what the surroundings are. Some great cheap bars between PDB and Fig.

    Best place to eat: Davids, San An - never disappoints. El Limonera (behind Sankeys) was excellent as well - great service.

    Money spent: If i worked it out i wouldn't want to return, too bloody much.

    Biggest regret: Not packing mosquito repellent - the bastards love me.

    Going back?: Cost/value equation is getting beyond a joke so ill have to take stock over the winter months.

    Top tip: Take some time to wander the back streets and find the locals bars and cafes, much more fun.
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    This is my holiday..:) I go on morning solo missions to find the smallest/oddest shape bottles of san Miguel..
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    Dates you were there: 4th Sept - 14th Sept

    Where you stayed: Hostel Tarba, San An

    Club nights visited: Tini & the gang at Underground, Cocoon at Pacha x2 (Sven/Le Tough and Moonear/Ricardo), Do not sit at Heart with Sasha, Ants at Ushuaia, Defected at Eden, Resistance Closing at Privilege.

    Best night: Resistance Closing and Tini at Underground.

    Worst night: Both Cocoon's - garbage. Go back to Amnesia please.

    Best bar: Hush

    Best place to eat: Es Ventall, San An, Sushimi, San An, Pacha Restaurant.

    Money spent: A lot.

    Biggest regret: Staying at Hostel Tarba.

    Going back?: Yes of course but won't bother so much with clubs. Musically it was dirge this summer and most nights were very average.

    Top tip: Resistance at Privilege was very good and fantastic to see the club in full flow. One of the clubs i've never spent much time in over the years and great to see it all open. Thought to myself this must of been what it was like 25 years ago in the early Manumission days.
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    So right about nights this year and musically it not being the best! The only night I walked out of a club and thought it was amazing was Solomon at pacha... Went afterlife twice, not great, music on fairly good, cocoon closing I did not enjoy it!
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    Dates you were there: 23rd-29th September.

    Where you stayed: Apartmentos My Tivoli. First time Playa D'en Bossa but actually really liked the location. Hotel was far nicer than anywhere we'd stayed before too. Imromptu sax and bongo poolside entertainment was a highlight!

    Club nights visited:

    Wednesday - Solomun at the Port, La Troya at Heart.
    Friday - Dystopia closing and on to Glitterbox Closing.

    Best night: Dystopia Glitterbox combo!

    Had guestlist to Dystopia but had to get there before 4:30 so a long one! We'd never been to Ushuaia though so were entertained just taking it all in and chilling at the paddling pool. Also witnessed the inevitable drunk person dancing in the pool and dropping their phone. Loved the deep warm up from Miss Melera but highlight was Tale of Us who I thought were great. Best track played: Artbat Upperground. Also played by Solomun a couple of days earlier and absolutely smashed it.

    Glitterbox was great as usual and although was a little too busy to start with, thinned out and the closing set by Roger Sanchez was epic. Full of classics but high energy and great atmosphere. As always the toilets were also great, not sure you could get away with playing Abba in the main room! Managed to stay till 6:15 and it was still going strong but had to catch a flight in 4 hours so headed back to the hotel.
    Best track played: Strings of life.

    Worst night:

    La Troya. Mistakenly were expecting music a little more aligned to glitterbox due to the drag element. We were very mistaken and non stop Tech house. Not a bad night but having come from Solomun, the monotony of the tech house was even more noticeable.

    Best bar:

    Didn't really go to any proper bars but had some great Sangria at Forever Ibiza in Playa De'n Bossa just before catching a very choppy boat ride to the port for Solomun .

    Best place to eat:

    Ebusus in passeig Vara de Rey. Been twice now. The quality of the food and service is so high compared to the price and in a beautiful setting. Superb mixed paella this year 17 euros each which for Ibiza town is really not bad.

    Money spent:

    Probably all in all about £1400 for the both of us but money well spent!

    Biggest regret:

    Not hiring moped for longer. We had it for one day and visited Sant Josep, Cala comte and then Salinas beach the next day. Salinas was amazing and very quiet so a shame we had to return the moped for 13:00 that day.

    Going back?:

    Definitely. Hen an stag do (with separate Villas of course ;)) in the planning for opening parties 2019!
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    I'd like to go to Afterlife and was very disappointed they moved from Privilege to Hi as I refuse to step foot in the place.
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    I don't think I will step foot in Hi again to be honest, I only went this year for afterlife!
  12. There were 6 in our party altogether and good company so a beers a beer in my book, even tastier if the round is €16 or less! :)
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  13. When we entered Ushuaia on the Saturday, we were all tagged with Hi wristbands for Black Coffee. I made a point of taking it off and handing it back. Nothing against the DJ or his music at all but i just can't bring myself to go in, I'm curious but don't want to spoil my memories of Space.
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    Haha loved to have seen there face when you ripped off and gave them back
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  15. No it didn't go down well :)
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  16. I know what you mean.
    We went last year , Bassment Jaxx , shit , Todd Terry , usual Hacienda 1992 set , no vibe , nothing new , never again.
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    Dates you were there: 3rd to 6th October

    Where you stayed: Hostal Roca. Clean and tidy but the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in in my life. No balcony just a window, with another wall about 2ft away as your view and then a 30ft drop in between

    Club nights visited: Cocoon and Afterlife closings

    Best night: Cocoon. The music and crowd was great and there was plenty of room around me I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Was slightly worried about Seth Troxler but he was brilliant. I put a 7 hour shift in and never felt bored at all.

    Worst night: Afterlife. First time at Hi and hated the place. Wasn’t really a fan of the music either, very monotonous. At one point I genuinely had a mini panic attack as well, basically trapped against the railings and I just couldn't get off the dancefloor.

    Best bar: Didnt really go anywhere of note sadly! Drank in the room and just at a few places in San An.

    Best place to eat: Es Rebost De Can Prats. Wins by default really as I only went to KFC and Burger King apart from there! Had a meal with the pirate and one of his mates, was nice enough!

    Money spent: about €350 or thereabouts. Bought some supplies and lost them so had to buy more, otherwise would have been a bit less.

    Biggest regret: the KFC on my last day. As soon as I had it my stomach was in agony. Spent the rest of the trip between the toilet and the sick bucket and couldn’t leave my room. Managed to fly back Saturday but I still can’t stop throwing up.

    Going back?: No plans yet but we’ll see!

    Top tip: if going solo, don’t stay somewhere like Hostal Roca. Probably the worst place I could have picked to try and socialise and meet people!
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    Dates you were there:

    Sat 05 May - Sat 12 May (family holiday)
    Fri 25 May - Mon 28 May
    Tue 28 Aug - Sun 02 Sept
    Sat 06 Aug - Sun 07 Aug

    Where you stayed:

    Early May: Villa near San An
    Late May: Migjorn on PDB
    August: Migjorn on PDB
    October: Friends near Cala Moli

    Club nights visited:

    Early May: Cocoon pre-season party @ Pacha with Sven (5 May)
    Late May: ANTS, Elrow opening
    August: Resistance, Afterlife
    October: Elrow closing

    Best night:

    Afterlife in August, followed by Elrow opening. Afterlife had the whole package, Solomun, Tale of Us, Ben Klock, busy, good looking crowd, closed late enough. Didn't really like Hi the first time I went, was OK with it this time round. Elrow opening was Pan Pot open to close which was incredible musically, but nowhere near busy enough.

    Worst night:

    Resistance was a bit flat, and not very full. Probably wasn't helped by arriving extremely tired due to work / lack of sleep / etc.

    Best bar:

    Didn't really visit bars that much; Nassau can be nice for a cocktail. Avoid a hole in the wall bar in Ibiza Old Town, which has no prices on display and rinses you for drinks.

    Best place to eat:

    Amante overall, view + food

    Money spent:

    Standard Ibiza fare

    Biggest regret:

    Leaving ANTS too early in May, and arriving at Elrow WAY too early. Not my call. Meh.

    Going back?:

    July next year booked (family holiday); probably do one trip before and one after. I've gone in October 3 years running, and it was great, so likely to do that again.

    Top tips:

    Don't go to clubs too early
    Get a car; visit some of the incredible beaches
    Go to Formentera at least once
    Don't drive after clubs - especially near Amnesia & Privilege, as they have been doing a lot of roadside checks over the last 2 years
    There's a speeding camera on the road between Ibiza Town and San Antonio (C 731). There are signs advising you of this near where it is
    Wear sunblock
    Don't be a douche in clubs
    Don't go to clubs too early
  19. soha

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    If it's any consolation nothing in there reminded me of space, not one bit.
    But I very much doubt il be back in there either
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  20. Tucker

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    Dates you were there: Sat 29th Sept - Sat 6th Oct.

    Where you stayed: El Hotel Pacha. Nice hotel although its looking a little tired in some areas. Rooms are really nice. Tiny pool that doesn't get much sun. Although you can use the pool and facilities at Destino, we only did this once though. The real bonus from staying here is the guestlist at Pacha, Lio and parties at Destino.

    Club nights visited:

    Rumors closing @ Destino I have always liked Rumors and we thought it would be a good warm-up for pacha later that night. It was nicely busy and we caught about an hour of DJ Tennis, he warmed things up nicely for Guy Gerber. We left about 11 to go into town to refuel before heading to Pacha.

    Solumun +1 @Pacha We got to Pacha in time to hear about an hour of Bicep on the warm-up. They were playing some nice wonky/trippy stuff and went a bit more banging for the last half hour. I haven't heard Solomun for a while and he played a lot harder than I expected. A good crowd not too busy, had a great time. This was my first visit to Pacha since the re-fit and I like the changes. The sound-system is one of the best.

    Tini & the gang @ Underground We wanted to eat at Can Pilot in San Rafael so we planned it for Tuesday so we could head to Underground after. In all my years visiting Ibiza somehow I've never made it to Underground before. It's a great little club cracking sound-system, reasonable drink, prices ill be back for sure. Tini wasn't playing and the only one of the DJ's I recognised was Bill Patrick. I don't know who else played and it wasn't the best night musically but we had a good time.

    Cocoon Closing @ Pacha Wow what a night! We planned our trip this year around the whole Cocoon closing experience and it definitely didn't disappoint. We arrived just after 1.00 and headed up to the terrace for the spotlight meet up. It was really good to meet a few of you and catch up with @stivi and had a good chat with @soha and @Sesar. It was good to meet you all and the others I spoke to too. We realised it was 2.00 and we hadn't been inside the club so we headed in to catch a bit of Seth Troxler's set. Seth can be a bit hit and miss, but I liked what I heard. I think Seth is better at warm-up sets when he can play a bit weirder. Pacha was already pretty busy but we found a spot up on the balcony looking over the DJ Box where we stayed most of the night. The vibe was spot on and the crowd were 100% up for it and were going for it, I mean really going for it. The whole club dancing hard all night. We had a nice group of Italians near us who were really going for it. We bumped into them at the afters again and had a chat they were from Napoli, nice guys! I know I loved every minute of Sven's set but I couldn't tell you a single track he played. We decided to call it a night at 6.45 we wanted to keep a bit in the tank for the afters. Pacha was still packed when we left.

    Cocoon afterparty @ KM5. After some sleep and a omelette sandwich and a cana we headed to KM5. We arrived at about 3.15.
    and were surprised to find entry was free. KM5 was already busy. I Think Dana Ruh was playing when we arrived Sven came on shortly before 5.00 I think. I don't really have the words to describe how good this party was. A lot of other spotlighters have reported how good it was and I can only echo what others have said. It was my first time over for closings and my first Cocoon afters and it was by far the best party I have been to in Ibiza for a long time. Everything about it was on point. Great venue, open air, daytime, free entry, great music,reasonable drink prices and a fantastic crowd. We bumped into lots of other spotlighters again too, good to see you all. Both myself and my girlfriend both agreed this party was made even better by meeting some great people. We had a great time chatting with and getting to know @Nono and his wife. It was great to meet you two. And bumped into @Sesar again, have a great winter mate. Also had a quick chat with the Pirate @FallenangelGparsons nice fella. This day has renewed my love of Ibiza, we are already making plans to return next year.

    Destino closing. This was our last night and after the fantastic previous night and day it was always gonna be tough for this to compare. We arrived to total chaos on the door, fortunately as we were on the Pacha Hotel guestlist we could enter through the hotel guest entrance and avoided the mess at the door. Once inside Destino was packed, the busiest i've seen it. Solomun and Dixon were playing B2B and Solumun played a lot of the same tunes as the previous Sunday. Maybe because our energy levels were low but I just couldn't get into it and after bumping into @stivi and having a quick chat we called it a night after being here for about 2 hours. Glad we did because we headed into town and met up with @johndiamond and his wife for a quick drink. Good to see you mate. Beers are on me when we see you in Tisno.

    Best night: The whole 24hrs of the Cocoon closing and afters!

    Worst night: Didn't have a bad night!

    Best bar: For cocktails I like Paradise Lost. And all the bars in plaza del Parque, for some reason we always gravitate towards Madagascar.

    Best place to eat: Had some great meals, revisited some old favourites like La Bodega. And tried a few new places too. We really liked Sa Cova and Bar 1805 I think the best was the excellent steak at Can Pilot.

    Money spent: I haven't even totalled it up yet.

    Biggest regret: No Regrets!

    Going back?: Definitely

    Top tip: If there is a spotlight meet up or other spotlighters are about on the island when you are make time to get to know each other. We met some great people this trip!

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