Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2016


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Dates you were there: 30th - 5th Oct

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): PDB - Hotel Club Can Bossa

Club nights visited: Abode, Space closing, Cocoon, Sankeys closing that wasnt really a closing

Best night: Space :D

Worst night: N/A

Best bar: Did a bit of bar hopping around PDB. None were stand out bars though.

Best place to eat: Same as with the bars. Ate a couple of times at Moma Cafe when watching the football and food was always good.

Money spent: Flights / Hotel £380. Approx €800 on top i think.

Biggest regret: Missing Cocoon afters

Going back?: Definitely

Top tip: Something ive not done :spank: but i think learning some basic Spanish can help you go along way.

I'll do a proper review once I've got a bit of free time. :)


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Dates you were there: 13/09/16 - 22/09/16

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):Hard Rock & Sal Rossa, Bossa.

Club nights visited: 88/89 & Glitterbox

Best night: Glitterbox, although nowhere near enough disco for me!

Worst night: None

Best bar: Father Jacks is always fun. Fab cocktails at 1805 & Paradise Lost.

Best place to eat: La Escollera. The burgers at The Booo were pretty special too.

Money spent: Who cares

Biggest regret: Not spending enough time early doors in Ibiza town

Going back?: I'm sure I will venture over again.

Top tip: Always try somewhere new, be it a bar, restaurant, beach.


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Dates you were there: 1st-5th October

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel/Apartamentos El Puerto in town. Fairly basic but the price was right!

Club nights visited: Space Closing, Cocoon Afters and Mosaic

Best night: Each party was great, but Space Closing was very special!

Worst night: None

Best bar: Sa Trinxa...atmosphere there pre Space on Sunday was great it was really popping off!

Best place to eat: Fish Shack for lunch on Tuesday

Money spent: Too much

Biggest regret: Not seeing Space out to the bitter end....peaked too soon and flaked mid morning!

Going back?: Next May for wedding anniversary

Top tip: Benimussa Park was a revelation. Hadn't been there before, great venue! Also someone else mentioned Rose Cava Sangria at sa trinxa - it was so good!

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Dates you were there: Oct 1st-Oct 8th

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Palladium Palace Bossa

Club nights visited: Space Closing,Sankeys closing Tuesday

Best night: Space Closing especially Solomun & Lawler

Worst night: None

Best bar: Majority were shut but Tantra on Sat-Sun plus all inc

Best place to eat: Mumak or Iniza town (cant remember the name but next to the Pacha shop)

Money spent: 1200 flight,hotel -250 on tickets & 300

Biggest regret: Meltdown during Solomun so missed the last few hours on Monday

Going back?: July for a fortnight,

Top tip: Done all inc a few times, well worth it especially the cash u pay on drinks


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Dates you were there: Oct 2nd - 8th

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Ripoll Apartments, Ibiza Town

Club nights visited: Space Closing, Circo Loco @ DC10, Cocoon Afters, Sankey's Closing (but wasn't) Rhadoo @ Underground.

Best night: Can't choose - both epic parties. Cocoon afters was another level but the sounds of Rhadoo with so few people made for yet more special times amidst Underground's walls.

Worst night: Musically: Sankey's - Aside from Lawler, it was just generic build up & drops. All too repetitive. Vibe: Circo Loco - When that garden closed it looked like very few people were actually enjoying themselves due to the crowds/lack of space.

Best bar: Attended very few, none to mention really!

Best place to eat: Found a lovely place in Ibiza Town didn't catch the name though!

Money spent: All in around 750e

Biggest regret: Carrying on @ Sankey's after Cocoon instead of retiring. On paper it just wasn't for me but got too caught up in it all. Wednesday was a complete write off as a result.

Going back?: Highly likely. It's a very special place for me!

Top tip: If you want a small intimate party but with an epic atmosphere - take the gamble & go to Underground. The place needs few people in there to make it feel very special. Oct 12th has Mathew Jonson Live - that will be f***ing epic!!


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Dates: 7 till 9 October

Stayed at: my Tivoli apartments playa den bossa.. basic, clean, good WiFi. ,, great pool area. Located near the kfc....close enough to most of the action but far enough away from it as wel, if that makes sense?

Club Nights: Paris by night closing at pacha. Todd Terry, sneak and danny Howard were really impressive. Bob Sinclair set got a bit poppy/cheesy, but the crowd seemed to like it, so not for me to criticise.

Best bar: nice little bar on the street down the left hand side of pacha. Not sure of name but had a nice seating area, friendly staff, and drink measures were awesome.

Best restaurant: passion cafe. Great choice of food and smoothies. Always good.

Worst restaurant: made a mistake going for the continental breakfast at pago pago. €7 for two slices of toast,jam, butter, fruit juice and coffee. Which would be fine except I never received any coffee or juice, and the toast was rock hard.

Regrets: that I don't speak Spanish. You meet so many nice people it can be frustrating when you can't communicate well with them.

Also regret being sat near the large ladette on the plane who was amusing herself by wafting her farts at her mates

Tip: relax, and enjoy yourself. You're on a holiday, not on a schedule.

Money spent: the usual bucket load

Going back?: If I do it will be another short late season trip.


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Dates you were there: 7th - 17th September

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel San Marino in San An Bay

Club nights visited: Glitterbox @ Space & Futureboogie @Pikes

Best night: Glitterbox! Amazing friendly crowd, brilliant tunes, couldn't have asked for anything more

Worst night: An attempted (& failed) trip to Elrow the night after Glitterbox - cash machine issues and a queue like I've never seen coming out of the Space car park meant we sacked it off pretty much straight away. PDB really does seem to be awful these days :| Annoyingly realised later that night we'd missed Ralph Lawson at Underground which would have been much more up our street.

Best bar: Pikes! Strawberry daiquiris for days :D

Best place to eat: Sa Capella - amazing food, lovely service and got some extra surprises from the staff as it was our honeymoon :D

Money spent: a lot!

Biggest regret: Not selling our Elrow tickets, over 100 euro down the drain!

Going back?: 100%, Next September hopefully

Top tip: The tapas platter at Pikes was the absolute business!
gutted to miss Lawson & futureboogie we were a week too late - I was put off Glitterbox when a local head told me dimitri or someone played shite like mousse t horny when he went but maybe he was unlucky?


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Not sure I can remember Mousse T! (slightly fuzzy memory now I think about it :lol: ) But there were a lot of late 90’s / early 00’s funky house tracks being played! It definitely wasn’t a particularly 'underground' set from what I can remember :lol::lol: but it was a lovely dollop of nostalgia for me and the atmosphere was second to none. :D

My only other regret was missing a night out at Amnesia, my favourite club and my first visit to the island ever without paying a visit.


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Dates you were there: 01/10 - 05/10

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Algarb PdB

Club nights visited: Tribal Sessions @ Sankeys, Space Closing, Cocoon @ Amnesia

Best night: They were all top notch but Space for the significance

Worst night: Wasn't one

Best bar: Tend not to remember the names but there was a cocktail place opposite the hotel
we frequented a few times.

Best place to eat: Moorea and Pago Pago

Money spent: 300 euros + 265 hotel + 160 on club tickets

Biggest regret: Only 3 full days on the white isle go by too quickly. Used to going for a week.

Going back?: 2017 unlikely but if a good deal comes up for openings I would consider.

Top tip: Never been before this time of year, seems to be an older crowd and better vibe than July/August time.
Only drawback is fewer club nights on offer and many bars/restaurants have shut for the season.


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Dates you were there: 21/09 - 12/10

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): homeless,Figueretas av extremadura ,homeless hanging at Luxmar with mates, Hotel Ebano & Santos & a flat at a friend working girl close to cala be Bou San an

Club nights visited:
after party cox at Benimussa
Hyte amnesia
unusual suspects sankeys 2 times
Pukka up boat parties
Glitterbox at space
Soulheaven pool party ocb
zoo project 2 times including closing
Elrow closing
We love sunday at space closing
Hed kandi pool party closing
Dc10 circoloco with solomun
After party Mosaic in tox
Ibiza sensations closing pool party at ocb
Paradise after party in BMI
Dance 88 sankeys closing
OCB closing
Blue Marlin Ibiza closing
Ushuaia closin untill end
space closing untill end
cocoon after parry @ Benimussa
Mosaic closing
Mosaic afer party in a villa
Destino closing
Lio vintage dinner & closing
Paris by night closing
amnesia Closing
Children of 80 closing

Best night: Space Closing, glitterbox, Music fro freak at pikes & Blue Marlin closing, Ibiza sensations , ocb closing, Zoo project & children of 80 closing

Worst night: HYTE

Best bar: the art bar to support french workers, go there if u want to be ware of all parties after parties & Sol house San antonio

Best place to eat: Mercat Nou

Money spent: 3000€ 3500€

Biggest regret: Melon bom closing, Hyte after party in a villa missed & lost in ibz boat party, dinner at lio for Be Crazy party, not seeing @ric because of other mate rushing me,my phone breakdown, have to switch it on only 1mn & then switch it off for 30mn 1 hours

Going back?: yes but only day time/pool parties, gueslsit parties, paying parties only for circoloco openin closing & ushuaia oepning closing & free events.

Top tip:buyin ice at lidl & avoid pickin mates as i lost some times for it (See u on the dancefllor will be better option) & ask people to have money to get a cab as so many people rely on me for free rides (free rides are only for models :D)

Who are the people that say we never stick to schedule? :rolleyes: Pussies!!! Big mouth! i stick to mine at 95% (i miss one boat party scheduled) & add more events to follow mates :p
This is how we party with Captain Pirate ;) & sorry for people that didnt follow me (even mates that enjoy more sleeping than go to the afterparties :rolleyes:), u miss some gueslists (Sankeys, Maceo, Zoo project & so on) & some private villa parties :D

See u ibz 17 :cool: Follow brown Darbuka/Captain Pirate :)



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Dates you were there: 26th September to 7th October.

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hard Rock Hotel.

Club nights visited: Space Closing, Sankeys Closing Week Party.

Best night: Sankeys. Space was amazing, but Sankeys is much more me. But Space for Brandon Block and Alex P maybe? Nope, definitely Sankeys. Met some great people who helped make it a great night, didn't want it to finish.

Worst night: My last night. Tried to have a quiet one, of course that didn't happen, and traveling home was a bad experience.

Best bar: Was in PDB so bar choice wasn't great. Definitely not Murphy's or the places either side. Spent a lot of time in Dunes and Tantra. Preferred Dunes. Couple of good nights in The Box opposite Sankeys. Yes, The Box. Enjoyed a few quiet afternoon beers at Bora Bora too.

Best place to eat: eat!!?!?! XOYO was ok when I was hungry. Few drinks on the house with the bills so can't complain.

Money spent: Wasn't counting, I was on holiday.

Biggest regret: No regrets, fantastic holiday on a beautiful island. But, should have stayed at Space longer, should have gone to Mambo & Cafe Del Mar, should have spoken to Carl Cox when he was standing opposite me having a smoke outside, but didn't want to be a groupie.

Going back?: Yes. Done 2 years in PDB, probably back to San An/Bay for me next year.

Top tip: Enjoy it. Travel around as much as you can, there's lots to see.

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Dates you were there: 19th September to 6th October.

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Lux Mar in figueretas.

Club nights visited:
Space - Carl Cox Revolution closing, Afterlife (x2), Sundays closing/spotlight takeover, Space closing.
Benimussa park - CC Revolution after, Zoo project closing, Cocoon after.
DC10 - Circoloco (19/9 & 26/9).
Amnesia - Cocoon (19/9), Music on (23/9), Hyte closing.
Pacha - Mosaic closing.
Tox - Mosaic after (28/9).
Blue Marlin - Paradise closing after, Season closing.
Sankeys - Dance 88/89 closing.

Best night: Revolution closing, Space closing & Cocoon after.
Worst night: Cocoon (19/9), was kind of disappointed after leaving Circo for this, as I didn't feel that night at all (music or vibe), and Sankeys, first and last time there, didn't like that place at all...

Best bar: Rooftop Nine (Sol house) in San An.

Best place to eat: Pizzeria Da Nino, Beccafio kitchen bar (tapas) & Little ibiza (all in figueretas and were close to our hotel).

Money spent: with the amount of stupid things I did during this holiday, like getting the car towed and losing practicaly everything not attached to my body at space... too much...

Biggest regret: I don't do regrets...

Going back?: I don't really plan to, but you never know... Still love the island very much, and had a brilliant holiday.

Top tip: Never sleep, and always chat with strangers.


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Dates you were there: 1st Oct to 4th Oct

Where you stayed: Airbnb apartment in PDB, next to Mumak.

Club nights visited: Tribal sessions at Sankeys, Space Closing

Best night: Both were great in their own way. First time at Sankeys, really enjoyed it - particularly Miguel Campbell's set. Great vibe and he had the whole room eating out of his hands (even the shufflers). Queuing for space was terrible and the crowds bad at times but still enjoyed some great sets from Morillo, Sanchez, Paul Reynolds et al. Met a great couple in the queue who we stuck with all night.

Best Bar: didn't really do bars. Called in at Bora Bora and witnessed the arrival of the police 15 mins after the music was turned up

Best place to eat: Pikes on Sundays - had a great meal there, really enjoyed it. Saw a few DJ's knocking about too.

Money spent: Didn't count!

Biggest regret: probably should have slept more on Monday to go out Monday night. 3 nights in a row is a big ask!

Going back: Possibly - hopefully with a bigger crowd

Top tip: Go this time of year for a great crowd and hopefully perfect weather.


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Club nights visited:
Space - Carl Cox Revolution closing, Afterlife (x2), Sundays closing/spotlight takeover, Space closing.
Benimussa park - CC Revolution after, Zoo project closing, Cocoon after.
DC10 - Circoloco (19/9 & 26/9).
Amnesia - Cocoon (19/9), Music on (23/9), Hyte closing.
Pacha - Mosaic closing.
Tox - Mosaic after (28/9).
Blue Marlin - Paradise closing after, Season closing.
Sankeys - Dance 88/89 closing.
Hey bro, you forget Cova Santa Jamie Jones Steve lawler Sasha
u cant say bad thing about Sankeys i got friend djs that mix there :p(usual suspects, tribal sessions), many crew as this club let green grass dj play beside big names such as Alfredo Pippi Dance 88, Todd Terry ...
For sleeping stuff i sent message to people for the after party at villa for Maceo but eveybody waere sleeping this morning...didnt know it was at the villa...
& for Hyte if u had followed my girl mate u will go to hyte after party in es cubells :D

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Cova Santa wasn't really a club night, it was for charity, and we were only there for a couple of hours anyway.
And as for that Mosaic after party, I was actually wide awake, I only slept like 2 hours each day on this trip, but as I tend to do partying a bit harder , on that day I could barely even stand on my feet, so decided to skip it.


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at the villa u can chill out in the pool (only one girl lay in a big waterproof matress tits off, all guys were looking at but nobody made a step towards her :D)or sleep in comfy beds ....if i knew it iwill stay in the villa until midnight rather than left at 5.00 pm...i didnt have cash this day :cool: only 20 € that felamle french girl took me 10€ off
I get pissed about her as she was asking cigarettes for otherpeople because they give her stuff for free against it :confused:
i was kind from me to give her cigarettes for free but not to give to otherpeople :rolleyes: & she made me go to pick her at the villa for nothing, asking through fb mess & then replying though sms that no need to pick her..i lost 1.30 h...
Looks like when people get wasted they all think about themself :confused: I wont be fooled again for ibz 17.
eg one morning after the club, i drove them to es vedra my 4x time for summer 16(Es vedra is nice but i would like to discover other beaches) as keep on insisting, im not a tourist guide :rolleyes: & i was beaten as havent not slept,but was to kind to drove them as it s quiet dangerous to drive in curvy roads when u havent slept for 24hrs to 72hours.when we get to es vedra P ,i straight away, slept for 45mn & these 45mn made me awake for the return .People often forget this & keep on having fun drinking in th back when someneone struggle to focus on the road :D
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Unfortunately mate there's dick heads out there all too willing to take advantage of someone's good nature like yours.


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beside those people (it happened with one french bloke met at pukka boat & ocean beach @kfir m when i ask u to bring some ice & sodas, i didnt drink the sodas i gave them to the french worker my last day, i ask the same to the bloke & he brought only ice,if i knew it i wont loose 1hours to bring him to Blue marlin as his location is in san an & ours in figueretas...dont know how many u pay for oil but as far as i'm concerned i went 3 times for full tank :confused: ), it happens too with mates(closing, august) because their minds is quiet foggy with drugs/booze....
im trying to be fair with all mates taking in considerations their situations , on the whole they understand & one example, the last french worker girl ive met, face many issues (robbery of her computer, no jobs in ibz,her location a scam as owner dissapear) that i send her 500€ 2days after being back home & told her she can pay me back in a few monthes:cool:...with the upperclass usa model, when she will move to Paris i ll give her fancy champagne(mumh veuve cliquot) & wine (cote rotie Pommard ) in order to balance the deal.
its all about sharing in ibiza, in life...
Ive done illegal taxi 2 times ibz summer, some bunch of drunken uk girls giving 10€ from space to amnesia & some drunken blokes from jabeque hotel to ushauaia club 20€:cool: i guess i can figure to be illegal taxi to lower my ibz costs for ibz 17 :lol:...i wont ask people as i know because of drugs too many peopel are so paranoiac even giving free rides, but if some people ask for a paying ride & i dont have things to do in the 1hour, i wont say no to a hierbas bottle for free :spank::spank:
Free rides to funny uk blokes around jabeque , playa sol ,when the guy ask to drink some water, i told him to keep the new aquarius 1.5 bottle & he was amazed.(the next day i hang with them when they check out & he buy me the lunch to balance the deal, i get them back to the airport too ...)
ps:ibz 13 ive borrow 100€ to chepitobiz (if some reminds him) but the guy paid me back 6 month later, if u read me , u are total clown chepito & ur reputation ruine there :p ( i have forgooten he kept on insulting me through pm & but i didnt pay attention :rolleyes: after being his confident for monthes :lol:)