Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2016


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Dates you were there: Friday 16/9 - Friday 23/9

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Air Bnb apartment in Ibiza Town between port and Dalt Vila

Club nights visited: Rumours@Destino, Solomun +1 at Pacha with Michael Mayer, Carl Cox Music is Revolution Closing at Space, Solomun + Live at Ushuaia, Dance 88/89 at Sankeys

Best night: Solomun +1

Worst night: Carl Cox (overcrowded) but still a very good night and better than expectation (we knew it would be overcrowded)

Best bar: n/a

Best place to eat: Fish Shack

Money spent: I hate to think ... ~€4000 including flights / accommodation etc.

Biggest regret: not too many ... Probably slightly over did it as really too old for so many nights out (although recognise this is lightweight territory for most)

Going back?: highly likely similar dates in 2017 (as per 2014-2015)

Top tip: really enjoyed Sankeys although didn't expect to ... Fish Shack is not as far as you think - we walked from Ibiza Town and worth the wait


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Dates you were there: 19th - 26th sept

Where you stayed: club bahamas playa den bossa

Clubs visited: ocean beach hed kandi, carl cox closing, cova santa charity rave, ants closing

Best night: carl cox closing

Worst night: n/a

Best bar: highlander, only bar we really done coz we were all inclusive.

Best place to eat: koppas west end, again didnt eat out much.

Money spent: hotel/flight £650 £1220 spending money

Biggest regret: not staying in san antonio, playa den bossa shit apart from the beach.

Will i be back: of course, dont know if it'll be next year though coz of other things happening.

Top tip: stay all inclusive if u can. Was my 1st time doing it and because some days we didnt spend a penny we didnt mind buying drinks in clubs


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Dates: Friday 23rd of September to Wednesday 28th. Writing this in the line for burger king at the airport....

Stayed: apartment in figuretes. Really liked staying in this area. Balcony with a sea view and we could watch the sun rise in the morning.

Clubs: ants closing, el row closing and cocoon.

Best night: toss up between el row closing and cocoon. Spent all night in the teraaza in space watching andrea olivia and really enjoyed beyer in the main room. Shame that he wasn't in the terrace. I know villalobos has his fans on here but wasn't really feeling the tunest.

Worst night: ants. Uncomfortably busy until theyou opened the main stage. Toilet was a nightmare. Good tunes though and nice setting.

Best bar: we spent a lot of time in the old town and found some good bars on the square. Lovely setting.

Money spent: dread to think.

Biggest regret: none really had a very balanced trip of clubbing and exploring.

Top tip: rent a car and explore the island. We did a 7 hour tour on Monday went to the beaches in the north and the West. Absolutely stunning island and lots to see.

Will I back: would like to come back for closings next year...couldn't come next week because of a work trip.

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Dates: 2nd to 9th September

Stayed: Vistamar II, Bossa

Clubs: Glitterbox @ Space, Zoo Project, Circoloco DC10, Cocoon Amnesia, Tini and the gang @ Underground, Unusual Suspects @ Sankeys

Best night: Tini and the gang @ Underground

Worst night: Monday was going great at DC10 had a brilliant time but we decided to try Cocoon as heard it was great night. Instantly regretted it. Poor crowd at Amnesia, seemed dead and Sven played very boring set. Wouldnt go again unless Villalobos was there...Next time will plan dates better.

Best bar: Didn't do bars really - balcony or beach drinks before night out

Best place to eat: Can Burrito/Steak & Shake is great for a hangover.. but smaller Ibiza town restaurants were in the evening.

Money spent: 1,100ish

Biggest regret: Leaving DC10 for Cocoon.

Top tip: Go to Underground Ibiza for great music and people!! also Rent a car/ped and go to a nice beach outside of the usual areas.

Will I back: Ofcourse
Dates you were there: 17-25 September 2016

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): it was an apartment in Cala Gracio on Carrer Portugal I think (who knows?! - there was no name or anything. We had to meet someone on the street!

Club nights visited: Pikes (Sunday), Underground (Thursday), Veto Social Club (Friday)

Best night: the first hour at Pikes or the last hour at Veto

Worst night: n/a

Best bar: Salinas - 100% unrestrained, unadulterated old school horseplay for an older crowd. just a tragedy it doesn't go on later (but I can see why it stops early - there would be CHAOS)

Best place to eat: Ate decent food everywhere. I wouldn't say anywhere especially stood out - *forgot to mention the very tasty pizzas inside Las Dalias market.

Money spent: god knows - excluding ferry/apartment, I think I spent about €600

Biggest regret: arriving too late in the season for Harvey and missing some of the German house DJs I really like / not having time for Portinatx/Formentera / missing certain pals from previous trips

Going back?: por supuesto

Top tip: do your homework / avoid the sheep / don't drop litter / respect the locals and they'll respect you back

Liam Mckenna

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I guess it depends on what you're into but I found the music a bit too generic and boring + the place didn't really fill up either so it all felt a bit flat. real shame because I really like the club. Hopef they will rethink their programming next year although obv I hope they keep the promoting discreet.
I thought it might be a bit quiet! Unusual Suspects at Sankeys draws a similar crowd that might have been one of the reasons why.


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interestingly enough I have various friends who went to rhadoo at underground over the season and all came back a bit underwhelmed


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I love the venue but not been back for years now because it seemed to have started failing to pick up enough numbers to stay on the right side of intimate versus pretty much dead. Rhadoo can be a bit dry/flat too !


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Hopefully the Rhadoo & Friends closing next Thursday brings a little more vibe/numbers! It'll be my only chance to get to underground during my trip & I'm praying for Raresh to make an appearance!

Each time i visit Ibiza - underground is an obligatory must visit. Had sooo many good times within those walls!

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Dates you were there: Fri 23/09 - Tue 27/09

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San Antonio - Hostal Cervantes. Cost £10 a night and we were happy with it. If you are used to decent hotels you would probably hate it. 2 beds, a tidy shower room and a balcony. Job done.

Club nights visited: Ants closing party, Elrow closing party, Solomun+1.

Best night: Loved all 3 parties but Solomun was the best.

Got to Ants early and loved Uner's set. Could have just been because i was so excited!!
It did get extremely busy both for the early session at the top and the main bit on Main Stage but we managed to find a decent spot and stayed there. Really enjoyed Nick Fanciulli also.
We left before Kolsch Oliva and Joris started their b2b2b set because we wanted to get beers and supplies before Elrow. I've Seen Kolsch and Joris play b2b at Warehouse Project and didn't think it worked so not bothered.

We got to Elrow really early to avoid queuing and still queue'd for about 40 minutes!! Once in we stayed on the terrace all night. Andrea Oliva playing (alone) all night was really good. It was great to have a large one in that room one last time. 15 years of terrace memories rounded off nicely.
Did try to venture into the main room once but it was so rammed. Terrace was just right.

Solomun is probably my favorite DJ at the moment and he didn't let me down. Sven Vath was great also and that was actually the first time i had seen him play a club rather than a festival. Pacha was packed but again we found good spots and lapped it up. Atmosphere and sound system amazing.

Worst night: n/a

Best bar: There isn't a bar that really stands out as being the best. It was nice to have a few cheap beers in the bars outside Ushuaia after Ants before going to Space.

Best place to eat: The only proper meal we had was at Mint Lounge on sunset strip on Monday evening. It was ok but nothing special. The rest of the trip we just grabbed pizzas or toasties.

Money spent: £160 for flights and hotel. Approx £150 on tickets. Approx £300 spending.

Biggest regret: I don't really have any. It was a great weekend and we made the most of it.
I'm 34 and have 2 kids so have thought in the past that my Ibiza days were behind me. Therefore I Loved every minute.
Staying in San Antonio when we were always partying in PDB was annoying but such cheap digs made it worth it.

Going back?: Yes.

Top tip: It is still possible to do Ibiza without spending a fortune. Book your flights and hotel early and don't drink much alcohol in the clubs if possible.
These tips have been given before but important to state again in a time when Ibiza is getting more expensive and seems out of reach to many.


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Dates you were there: 22.9-27.9

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Figueretas

Club nights visited:
Afterlife, Abode, Tribal Sessions, Sundays at Space

Best night: Tribal Sessions.
As I knew Elrow and Ants closing would be way too crowded for my taste I went for this one.
Finally a party with enough space do dance. Vibes and atmosphere were just extremely amazing.

Worst night: Didn’t really have a bad night.

Best bar:-

Best place to eat: Didn’t eat much but tried “The Boo” and man the really have amazing burgers. Their lemonade however impressed me even more.

Money spent: ah well

Biggest regret: -

Going back?: Sure at some point

Top tip: As always get a car and explore the island if you have a chance.


Dates: August 25 - Sept. 1

Where You Stayed: Hotel Algarb, PDB

Clubs Nights Visited:
- Cream @ Amnesia (Duke Dumont/Above & Beyond)
- Martin Garrix @ Ushuaia
- Rumors @ Destino (Guy Gerber & Dubfire)
- House of Madness @ Amnesia (DV/Like Mike, Nervo, Dvbbs)
- No Xcuses @ Privilege (bunch of no names)
- Music is the Revolution @ Space (Adam Beyer/Nicole Moudaber/Carl Craig - no Coxy)
- My House @ Pacha (Martin Solveig, Tchami)

Best night: I think it's a tie - Music is the Revolution @ Space for the music, My House @ Pacha for the atmosphere.

Worst night: No Xcuses @ Privilege - was supposed to be EDX/Nora En Pure but they didn't show up. Privilege was dead so we bounced after about 10 mins.

Best Bar: Piratas in Ibiza Town by the port. Nice, cheap, relaxing place to people/yacht watch and pregame.

Best Place to Eat: La Dispensa, Dalt Villa.

Money spent: Good God coming over from the US w/ that many club nights, too much.

Biggest regret: Not getting off of PDB more and seeing other beaches.

Will I Be Back?: Highly doubt it. I had an amazing time but lots of the world to see.

Top Tip: Go to Formentera. It's one of the most beautiful places - and a great way to detox after clubbing.


Yeah looks good but the people am attending cancun with aren't the same crowd I would go to Ibiza with so wouldn't bother them. But honestly cancun djs need a lesson or too

Was reading back a bit. Honestly might be worth looking into heading down to Playa Del Carmen for a night or two. From what I hear, the music scene is diversifying a little bit down that end (Blue Parrot, for example) thanks to the popularity of BPM. A quick look at Resident Advisor before you head down wouldn't hurt.


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Dates: 24th September to 1st October
Where you stayed: azuline is sunshine apartments San Antonio bay
Club nights visited: do not sleep/ Sunday's at space closing
Martin solveig my house pacha Wednesday
Best night: Sunday night at space was great I love Darius syrossian and he was playing b2b all night in the terraza . Pacha was pretty decent too and loved pretty much all my nights out!
Worst night: didn't have one!
Best bar: peppers 2 in San Antonio bay always has and always will be my favourite bar cheap and the bar staff are a great laugh and very friendly! Lyt in the west end was a pretty good small club in the west end!
Best place to eat: ate mainly in a cafe beside the hotel think it's called George's and in Burger King and kfc! I'm a man off simple tastes lol!
Money spent: 220 pounds on flights and accommodation and about 1450 euros spending
Biggest regret: not staying a couple of extra days for the official space closing. Any other regrets of not doing something can be done next year
Will I be back: 100 % I will, planning to do a 4 day trip and a 7 day trip next year hopefully get booked up before Christmas.
Top tip: don't really have a tip I'll leave that to the people with more knowledge of the island, this was my 3rd.


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Dates you were there: 11/9/16 - 24/9/16

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):Sol House mixed by Ibiza Rocks. San Antonio Bay

Club nights visited: Cocoon 12/9, Afterlife 15/9, Woomoon 16/9, Circoloco 19/9, Solomon+1 Live 21/9, Beat This 22/9, Afterlife 22/9.

Best night:Afterlife 15/9 Cracking atmosphere built by Dixon & Ame,then rounded off by Tale of Us.

Worst night: None

Best bar: Rooftop 9 bar on Sol House roof. Reasonably priced for drinks & outstanding views.

Best place to eat: Casita & Relish

Money spent: Who cares

Biggest regret: Didn't hire car this time.

Going back?: Always. Don't think it'll be as clubbing orientated in future though.

Top tip: Just enjoy everyday on that most amazing island.
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