Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2016


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Dates you were there: 12-26 aug

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Club Bahamas, Bossa

Club nights visited:
Ants, Ushuaia
Elrow, Space
La Troya, Space
Matinee, Amnesia
Mosaic, Pacha

Best night:
Elrow (love to see space in full swing with all club open)

Worst night:
La Troya (see above, hate Space with only Terazza and Sunset Terrace)

Best bar:
In bossa we often went to Mumak or Nassau, both very good

Best place to eat:
In old town, just to the left after entering through the wall (tables on some stairs on the right side as you walk up)

Money spent: Not including flight/hotel, around 2500€

Biggest regret: missing Music on :(

Going back? Of course, tradition!

Top tip: rather stay in figueretas than Bossa. The less you have to see off Bossa Strip, the better.



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Fallenangelgparsons went music on!
Yes because of 3 mates insiting on it, in a pack i follow the majority...i told them ok, ill join u at Music On after some little Lio experience spoilt by mex girl
i go to the club for the Music, Main room was fine with Paco Osuna, but Marco 's set was quiet boring until 5.00am...
I wont pay 70€ again for the closing for this, maybe After party cova Santa, ill pick wristband at amnesia askin to people leaving the club at 6.00 am...Music ON afterparty 20€ @ cova Santa :cool: OK
Marco Music on Amnesia :No way!!!:mad: ..too many parties that worth 100x this one :D
ps: I wish i kick this coward skinny italian that knocked out one mate in drunk state & u ll heard about me in el diaro de ibiza :lol: as i should kill him with my iron claws No MERCY!!!..this fingers is to spread good "Takadoum" vibes but it can kill muthaf***ers too :cool: & they can be warmy too :spank: for other stuuf :lol:
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Thanks for that was wondering why music on was not good. some people say its really good, it depends as well, some djs play really good one week, the next week boring...hope when i go he will play good. Sorry about your mate hope he is ok x for example me and cocooni dont like it, everyone loves it but i find it so boring...


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Music ON is an Overrated party & pricey :eek:
R u all taking drugs to enjoy it? :lol:
I don't :cool:( got other party such as night of The classics at Heart with Wally lopez Cesar Del Rio,, good old House Tech house music, nice spot,balearic vibes, on gueslist of the dj(price is only 30€), drinks price fair & u want me to pay 70e without drinks in a rammy place ? :eek:..i m not a tourist...
The 2 us girls went to Music on as i told them i will be there & they didnt like it & ask me a place to hang around 5.00am ...maybe i should tell them , dont move i'm coming & we ll make illegal party in Dalvilla hills :cool:..i didnt have any ideas of events of sat morning around 5.00 am...


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You'll only have one Event on your mind if two girls are ringing you at 5am no matter where in the world you are...:twisted:
With one mate at rest area, it will be hard to leave him alone & meet these girlz .
That what Best ibz friends are made , i spent 3hours+, from 6.00 am until 9.30 to watch after his health...Next time i ll warn health medical amnesia staff in order to bring him in the rest room...


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You'll only have one Event on your mind if two girls are ringing you at 5am no matter where in the world you are...:twisted:
Not sure i agree with this tbh... say they had a head like Wurzel Gummidge?
Maybe im just picky ;)
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if i post the pic of the brunette some will have a heart attack :p a kind of Jennifer Love Hewit

sept 30 closing Music ON => Cancelled :lol: even on gueslist or VIP no more of this :p or a mex girl paying tix => No thanks :lol:


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Dates you were there..... 4th to 9th September.

Where you stayed..... Tagomago hotel, San antonio bay.

Club nights...........

Pikes hotel, Mercury rising closing.
Fiesta aqua party, es paradis.

Best night. Pikes.

Worst night. Never had one.

Best bar... Never went in many, itacas upstairs few cocktail jug with decent music.

Worst bar.... None really.

Best place to eat..... Kasbah in bay was decent so was doneghans Irish bar and liberty's bar.

Money spent.... About 800 euros.

Top tip... Take the speed boat from the bay and visit the lovely coves, watch the sunset, then dock up outside mambo/del Mar after for drinks. Money well spent.

Going back..... Every year.


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Why don't people go to bars much anymoreo_O
Most of the music bars and beach clubs are pretty expensive for decent drinks is one reason, 12-15Euros a go for a cocktail or vodka redbull in much of PDB. When you're hitting big clubs the budget's getting absolutely hammered so presumably savings made elsewhere in many cases. May as well buy some predrinks and warm up on the hotel balcony / beach or go AI and ply your stomach with paintstripper for free ;). Cut out club tickets / drinks and there's a whole lot more money free for food and bars !